Volunteer Stories



The experience is one that I will remember forever. I believe we helped the islanders with their English getting them to practice inside and outside of the classroom as we didn’t learn their language which would have helped the children become more fluent. We would have liked to see more of the children learn to swim as they are very lucky to have such a lovely country... read more!


This testimonial is a difficult one to write, not because my experience wasn’t incredible, but rather because my experience was so amazing that no words seem to suffice. I spent 5 weeks volunteering on Naifaru Island as a fitness instructor while helping out a fellow VM volunteer, Amna, in the classroom as I could. Helping out the community as a fitness instructor was rewarding in many ways,... read more!


Prior to volunteering in the Maldives, I had always considered the term “Life Changing Experience” a terrible cliché.  Perhaps this is because up until that point, I had never had the opportunity to gain an understanding of what a life changing experience might be. Being 5400 miles from home is an experience.  Seeing what you see in glossy holiday brochures for real is an experience. Teaching... read more!

12/16/2011 The Elusive Gift of Play

My journey in Honduras was filled with extremes -- beauty like nothing I could have imagined, but brokenness and hurt that I could not quite comprehend. Heart warming stories and heart wrenching tragedies. Laughter and joy that was contagious, but tears and burdens carried by all. On our third day there, I found myself at a loss for words while staring into the face of a starving, crying... read more!

12/16/2011 Volunteer Teaching in Honduras

In a single sentence, sum up your experience.

"I went on this journey thinking I was going to teach these children all kinds of things, what I didn’t realize was how much they were actually going to teach me."

What were some of the highlights of your experience?

"Helping the mothers make lunch in the outdoor kitchen, taking the kids on an over-night trip to a resort in... read more!

05/15/2011 Donna's Costa Rica Visit

I've been to Costa Rica. The rainforests and the volcanos are awesome. The Atlantic coast is a great place where the endangered turtles come ashore to lay eggs...The best thing about Costa Rica is the animals -- howler monkeys, toucans, iguanas basking at the tops of the trees and the rainforests are beautiful. Try to see the country if you can. The Cloud Forest is an area that is bathed... read more!

05/15/2011 Barbara's Story: Cycling Across The USA With Bike & Build

If you are looking for the best summer experience, you need to consider Bike & Build in 2009!!! My name is Barbara and I recently graduated from the George Washington University. More importantly, I just completed the Providence to Seattle trip with Bike & Build!!! It was a superb summer, filled with good times on a bike, swimming in beautiful rivers, amazing scenery, and lasting... read more!

05/12/2011 A Day In The Life Of A Habitat For Humanity VolunteerFive hundred hours of volunteer work

It’s 6:30 AM in Liberty City and the weather is a bit on the chilly side this February morning. People are milling around, drinking coffee and juices and eating bagels and bananas. There are long lines surrounding a table of people checking in. Some of us are looking around the area, perhaps wondering where we will be placed and what we... read more!

10/05/2009 Keeping Your Spirits (And Your Pants) Up Through Volunteering In India

The following story and pictures are courtesy of Alex Budak. Please do not duplicate.

I was running along wildly, my arms out at my sides as if I were a small aircraft, as the little kids chased me, their laughter booming ahead, filling the gap between us. I thought to myself they must really have taken to this new white kid who came to play with them.

It turns out they... read more!

10/02/2009 Molly's Story: "My True Calling"

The following story is courtesy of Molly McCahan; images are courtesy of Takatifu. Please do not duplicate.

Back in Nairobi after safari, we contemplated our next move. We were feeling the draw toward the coast and longed to explore Kenya's beaches. We'd heard Lamu was nice but expensive; Malindi pretty but overrun with Westerners; and Mombasa more developed and... read more!