Volunteer Stories

06/01/2012 Reflections on Ghana Summer Camp Team

I decided to volunteer with The Humanity Exchange for a few different reasons. When I first began my search for a volunteer program, I visited a plethora of different sites, day after day. The Humanity Exchange stood out far from the rest!

Firstly, The Humanity Exchange website was very informative. The program explained the specifics of what the opportunity entails, and also provided... read more!

04/28/2012 Red Cross Refugee Camp in Belgium creates lasting impact on volunteers, residents

In August I volunteered at a Red Cross refugee camp in Belgium and it was a life changing experience.  The camp was located in a small and quiet Belgian town with cows, green hills, and a small stream surrounding it. The camp used to be a monastery and had a castle like feel to it.  We stayed in a small building outside of the monastery and all slept in one large room.  It was our living... read more!

04/28/2012 VFP Scholarship Recipient Sees Faces of Hunger in Kenya

My trip to Kenya was mind blowing. When I look back on my trip, after three months of being back in the United States, it should now be easier to highlight my journey. Yet, I see the whole experience as one gigantic highlight. It has been three months and I still talk about Kenya like I just came back.

Volunteers For Peace has given me the opportunity to give other ways of life an... read more!

04/28/2012 Pipe Cleaners, Rocks & Globalization – By Casey O’Connell, VFP Volunteer to Haiti, 2011

Often, I associate the term ‘Globalization’ with grand, sweeping gestures of domination and upstaging, and rightly so; the deprivation and disposal of culture that can accompany globalization are devastating, but benefits are reaped as well.

Globalization makes it easier for us to travel, to experience an array of cultures and colors, and because of this convenience, we should be... read more!

04/17/2012 Interview with Jessica

What made you decide to volunteer on a Great Primate Handshake expedition?

I was desperately searching for my entry point in the conservation field and ready to get to Africa to work! I remember saying this when I was interviewed on the expedition in Uganda and I really do believe that digital media will play a huge role in the future of primate conservation. I saw GPH... read more!

04/17/2012 Interview with Lauren

What made you decide to volunteer on a Great Primate Handshake expedition?

I was travel hungry and ready for a career change. I began an in-depth search online for something that would help me decide in which direction to take my interests in working with communities to create change. I have interests in conservation, anthropology, primatology, education, social change... read more!

04/17/2012 Nicola's Experience with the Primate Handshake

The Great Primate Handshake's first expedition within South Africa has now come to an end. It has been an action-packed month of travel, team bonding, digital media production and most importantly conservation.

Whilst on the expedition I found myself questioning many aspects of my life in the UK, from my carnivorous tendencies to my desire to ascend the ranks within the media industry.... read more!

02/09/2012 Working at Los Pipitos with the Nicaragua Children's Foundation

In March of this year, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to San Juan del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua with my girlfriend, Natasha.  We were travelling there as volunteers with the Nicaragua Children's Foundation (NCF), a very small charitable organization run by Mona and Allan Donovan in Vancouver, BC. Their purpose is “to advance education in Nicaragua by establishing and operating schools and... read more!

02/06/2012 An American boy in Nicaragua

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

–Anne Frank   Sky Hester, Bellingham, WA   In March of this year, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to San Juan del Sur (SJDS), Nicaragua with my girlfriend, Natasha.  We were travelling there as volunteers with the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation (NCF), a very small charitable... read more!

02/01/2012 Morgan remembers the Dominican Republic

“Nothing so far in my life has been so rewarding and I doubt anything else well be! In just two weeks, I learned about the compassion of humanity. It separates us from all other animals. In two weeks I learned about humanity, Dominican culture, all the participants (who became my closest friends) who went on this project, but most of all I learned about myself.

Knowing that everything... read more!