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Worldwide Experience strives to conserve what man is fast destroying – our very own environment and ultimately our own planet.

We are the specialists when it comes to wildlife conservation and offer scholars, students and the older generation the opportunity to work on some of the most incredible projects we are closely aligned with. We also work closely together with the disadvantaged communities within the immediate location of each of the conservation projects. All of our projects have been formulated with the assistance of the Worldwide Experience team, to give our self funding volunteers the most meaningful of experiences, wherever they may decide to venture. All projects are run by specialists in their field, who are specifically trained to impart their skills and knowledge. We take pride in all of our programmes and wish to ensure that our clients will benefit the planet in a favourable way while on their once in a life time journey.

Our programs allow our volunteers the opportunity to work alongside wild animals and the interesting people that help ensure their survival. Working with very willing disadvantaged communities also forms part of the make-up of these incredible life enhancing programs. If properly educated and informed these communities can play an integral part in the overall well being of the environment.

Conservation of Wildlife and the Environment

Wild animals will cease to exist if man continues to eradicate their environment. Here is your chance to play a part in making sure that future generations can enjoy the grace of Mother Nature in its entirety. You also have the opportunity to develop your skills in conservation by taking part in specialized accredited Game Ranger Courses. You will be involved in activities that include wildlife monitoring, tracking and animal behaviour data collation for research purposes by the wildlife team on location at the specific project. Erosion problems constantly need monitoring and dealing with in many parts of Africa for instance; exotic bush encroachment is another major issue which often requires chopping out or burning. The relocation of wildlife for distribution to other parts is also integral to the program and is known as game capture and translocation.

Marine Conservation

The conservation of animals and their environment is not only an issue on the world’s continents, but also in the oceans and the river systems that flow back into them. Global warming, over-fishing and the use of endangered species for medicinal purposes (marine poaching) are just a few of the serious problems which contribute to the eradication of our planets marine life. Worldwide Experience has aligned itself with leading marine conservation placements where you can assist with their ongoing research efforts. Activities can include beach clean-ups, dolphin and whale monitoring and research, scientific analysis of the cleanliness of the water, anti-poaching beach patrols, Great White Shark research and much more.


Worldwide Experience has set up a number of placements which allow you to safely make a difference in a child’s life. You can help to support those less fortunate than you, by assisting with ongoing projects that have been created to help uplift communities in Africa. Activities that benefit these communities can include teaching children the basic skills of mathematics, teaching them to speak English, coaching sport and include other skills development programs closely aligned with conservation.





South Africa

Sri Lanka


At each of our placements you are provided with safe, although sometimes basic, accommodation – all of which are purpose-built for our volunteers. At the majority of our placements, cleaning and laundry service is provided, to help make your experience a more comfortable one. Please contact us for further information on specific accommodation details for individual placements. Camping under a starlit sky is one of the main attractions of travelling to South Africa. This is something you will experience on the odd occasion. However accommodation is in houses either based on the reserve or in nearby villages. All accommodation is head up by the student coordinator.

Flexible - The majority of our placements run all year round, which allows for flexibility on start dates. You can volunteer with Worldwide Experience from as little as 2 weeks andy thing up to 3 months on one particular project. You may also combine projects because we understand that not everyone wants to see just one place, allowing you the opportunity to enhance your overall experience.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)