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Volunteers may make a difference by leaving a footprint of their work and proposing challenging projects to develop while exploring and developing lasting relationships here in Costa Rica.

Volunteering Design was founded 14 years ago as part of the largest Travel Agency at the time in Costa Rica, to promote helping those in need, with a focus on children and youth, and to promote awareness and the necessity to care for our natural and ecological resources. In July 2011, Volunteering Design was transferred to a new Travel Agency whose additional goals to promote personalized volunteer support, designed services for all tastes and needs in order to offer the best volunteering experience possible.

Volunteering Design is directed by Alejandro López-Meoño, who welcomes volunteers from around the world to help with a variety of projects, such as general children and youth assistance (teaching and providing assistance at the Children´s Hospital and Orphanages), animal assistance (marine and sea turtle, wildlife and natural reserve education and protection projects), nature conservancy (National Parks and private reserves), and cultural projects. Alejandro is the main contact for the volunteers during orientation and throughout their projects.

Volunteers help care for children with several of our longer term projects, providing companionship and proposing exciting group activities. They also help the elderly, assist with educational programs and lessons in some of our poorest communities, and share their cultures and ideas with us as ambassadors of their countries. Volunteers can help as nature and environmental proponents, enhancing the local and international awareness of the splendor and fragility of Costa Rica's natural diversity and beauty, preserving our unique and incredible flora and fauna for future generations.

In Costa Rica there is an increasing, conscious effort at the government, public, and private levels to promote the ideals and importance of volunteerism as an intrinsically valuable and personal growth experience and as a social responsibility in growing our industries, companies, and organizations with a larger conscience that is aware and involved in the education of our youth and the conservation of our environment and natural resources.

The communities in which volunteers might work can be 80% Catholic, though there are no religious obligations of any kind for volunteers.

Students, families, gap year travelers, professionals, and retirees are all welcome to participate in these projects. Schedules for larger groups and special projects may be arranged upon request and depending on available accommodations.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Must be willing to help with general chores with their host family,
    • And able to follow general guidelines, such as varying hours for when it's safe to go out at night.
    • Able to walk at least 1km per day.
    • Must be flexible, able to adapt to a culture that might be different from their own.
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)