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The main focus of VA32 volunteer programs is to break the poverty cycle through education while teaching, learning from and supporting those individuals involved in our initiatives.

We see volunteering as a two way teaching and learning exchange - the more you put in the more you get in return. Africa is not a charity, you cannot change the World in a few weeks, but a few weeks will change your world. 

Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South (VA32) is a volunteer organisation based on the Wild Coast of South Africa. VA32 provides international volunteers with the opportunity to support our initiatives in education, community development and conservation which address current issues in the wider Chintsa area of the Wild Coast.


Wild Coast Schools Project
Our flagship program focuses on teaching basic computer literacy to learners living in the rural Eastern Cape. In modern Western society access to technology is taken for granted, VA32 calls international volunteers into the classroom to share their skills in this area with rural South African learners, offering the opportunity of a higher educaiton and employment level later in their careers through these important life skills. The Wild Coast Schools Project was the World's first Fair Trade certified volunteer project. 

Community Preschool Project
The Community Preschool Project see's volunteers working closely with local teachers and care-givers in under-staffed, under-resourced preschools in rural South Africa where foundation phase education is not prioritised. Participants will share skills with the full time teachers, assist in developing resources, plan and facilitate educational play and activities and help with the daily running of the schools.

African Angels School Project
Established to support particularly disadvantaged children from the wider Chintsa area, the African Angels School is an independent school providing a consistent, good quality education and school life for these children. Volunteers work alongside full time teachers to provide much needed extra hands in the daily running of the school, facilitating one-on-one reading, maths and creative arts activities. 

Sports Development Project
Working in several partner schools volunteers have the exciting opportunity to bring the fun and passion of sports into young learners lives. Sport is not a part of the curriculum in South Africa and VA32 is looking for passionate, energetic volunteers to drive this project forward. Be involved in tasks such as organising and teaching skills training and drills in football, rugby, cricket, volleyball and netball as well as promoting awareness of nutritian, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 


The African Pre-vet Experience
Designed for pre-vet students and those interested in working with animals The African Pre-vet Experience involves practical and lecture-based learning in three main sectors of animal care and conservation management; Agriculture, Domestic and Wildlife. This highly popular program engages volunteers in hands-on tasks such as vaccinating and clipping cattle and agricultural animals, assiting local vets with wildlife call outs and raising awareness of appropriate care for domestic animals in the local community. 

Our volunteer projects are based in and around Chintsa on the Wild Coast of South Africa.

Volunteers stay in one of two shared volunteer houses in the beach village of Chintsa. Shared rooms typically between 2-4 people. 3-4 mintues walk from the beautiful Chintsa beach.

Wildlife volunteers need to be prepared to stay out "in the field" when necessary to complete project objectives.

All of our volunteer projects are available for a minimum of 2 weeks - there is no maximum - the longer you stay the more you get out of your experience (& Chintsa is a place to fall in love with!).

N.B., Education projects do not run over South African school holidays!

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Conversational English language proficiency
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)