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The Mission statement of UPENDO is to create a holistic impact to the community through improved spiritual, physical and moral support for improved production of communities.

The Union of Pentecostal Natives Development Organisation (UPENDO) was founded in 2001 and got registered as a faith based non discriminative organisation in 2003 by the NGO Board Uganda Reg No 5194/4610. It is being coordinated by her Director Pr. David Rubahinda and with a team of other eight Directors.

Since Inception UPENDO has been serving orphans and vulnerable children tthrough her school Upendo Learning Centre which was founded in 2004 and as of now it has a population of 385 orphans and vulnerable children.

Upendo runs other community based programs for the HIV/Aids affected and infected, the young samaritan club through which young people volunteer to assist those in need, it helps the elderly and oppressed in social aspects.

Also upendo carries out christian focussed activities like counselling, development crusades and socialisation.

UPENDO Learning Centre

Youth, orphans and vulnerable children


HIV/Ads activities

Young Samaritan clubs

Community activities

Mityana Town, 62 Km from Kampala the capital city, at plot 10 Busimbi circular lane near Mityana Pentecostal churches of Uganda.

IN mityana town we can book for you a hotel which can be affordable fo your stay.

We also have a dormitry for those who cannot afford hotels.

We welcome volunteers through the year on an on going basis

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Malaria prophylaxis
    • Appropriate clothes for community work
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