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Our Missionis to develop travel packages that offer discovery, learning, adventure and fulfilment to any traveller coming to India. For the community we work in we want to build sustainable and responsible programs. We want to empower people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated. We provide


    Opportunities – to meet the needs of the local people we work with and to enable them to fulfil their potential.

    Child and Youth – Centered programs- Children and young adults are at the core of all our work; we focus on the needs, abilities, interests, choices and learning styles and believe everyone should get active learning.

    Sustainable partnership- We build sustainable working relationships with all our stakeholders; we believe in mutual and lasting solutions based upon shared risks and responsibilities.

    Innovation- We try to find and develop new, effective approaches to work that are in line with responsible tourism.



Our core values are the guiding principles that determine the way we work. We believe in:


    Authenticity- by keeping it localised

    Respect- through cultural exchange

    Being Responsible- by being ethical and giving back to community

    Creativity – developing new ways to help

    Safety–having health and safety standards and education of these

    Sustainability–by having a long term view

    Passion- about giving life changing experiences

    Commitment- about all that we do

    Having Fun – by keeping it real

    Diversity – encouraging anyone to join

Rainbow Voluntours is a responsible tour operator based in India. We run a range of volunteering and tour packages that offer discovery, learning, adventure and fulfilment to travellers seeking to do something different in India. For the community we want to build sustainable programs that support all stakeholders. Depending on partner needs, our self-funding volunteer programs will focus on Teaching, Sports, Arts, Health, Construction and Women’s Empowerment across several distinctly different regions of India. Our local tours involve exploration of surrounding areas and sights and involves activities to suit different age groups and interest types.

Rainbow is dedicated to responsible tourism. All the projects that we support directly benefit the environment, the local community, or both. All projects are carefully chosen to offer our volunteers sustainable and responsible travel, with specific attention being paid to their involvement in the sustainability of all their practices and project goals.

Our Pre-departure information pack is comprehensive and includes a guide on what to bring, social and economic conditions links and information related to India specifically. We provide all our projects and tour participants with clear guidelines on responsible tourism, all specific to India. These cover a number of issues, ranging from waste disposal in remote areas, to recycling materials and buying from local businesses, to not exploiting the area’s wildlife or harming the environment. On arrival in India, we give our participants training on basic local phrases, advise about bargaining and cultural norms of India including clothing to wear and respecting the locals and thereby minimising damage to the local culture.

Furthermore, all of our volunteer projects operate under the direction and at the invitation of local partner organisations and communities, to ensure they are help the locals in the best possible way. All credit and results from our projects remain in-country and belong to our partners.

Our volunteering program involves working with local communities, local charities, local government bodies, local schools, or indigenous tribes. This helps travellers to directly contribute to the local communities they visit.

Our tours are carefully selected – we only partner with local tour operators that are either committed to responsible tourism themselves, are eco-friendly, or have ethical policies. Of course we have to use transport and where possible our local guides encourage walking or biking and travelling on public transport- buses, railways or tuk tuks. This can minimize our demand for special tourist vehicles and fuel whilst giving our travellers plenty of opportunity to meet and interact with local people/communities.

We employ local staff - they are the cultural ambassadors, know multiple dialects of the sub-continent and can easily facilitate local interaction and thus guide our travellers in general best practices (e.g. how to avoid encouraging a “begging” mentality, how to be sensitive in photographing local people, etc.) as well as specific tips on how to avoid running afoul of local customs. More importantly they will earn an income through employment.

Our Volunteering programs involve

English Teaching

Womens Empowerment

Working with slum children

Working with special needs schools

Construction programs



We combine meaningful travel with some amazing tours to ensure you get the best experience. Our tours involve:

Culture Tours

Heritage Tours

Jungle Treks

Adventure such as cycling and trekking trips

Yoga and Wellness tours

Kerala (South India)

Kolkata (East India)

Local homestays or guesthouses

1 week upto 24 weeks

Program Requirements

Accommodations for Special Needs
  • 18 and older
  • Good health
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