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This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. We enroll teens who truly wish to make a difference in their own lives while helping others. We have requirements to assure the safety and over all success of our mission.

Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp provides the Ultimate teen experience.

This 3-fold program includes educational workshops, community service, island adventures and  cultural learning.

  • Teens will work along side their camp buddy (a homeless child) throughout the planned daily camp activities. Helping them to gain self-esteem, life and social skills to help them break their cycle of poverty. Teens will earn 200 community service hours along with the Presidents Service Award to use towards their educational needs. Throughout camp, teens also attend workshops that will teach them leadership and mentoring skills that will help them succeed in their life goals.
  • Building life-long friends is so exciting while exploring the wonders of the islands. Our program is not set up like a tourist attraction, rather we take the teens to hidden treasures of the island. Private tours include discovering sacred lands and how the ancient Hawaiian people built their lives on these precious islands. Teens will also learn to surf Waikiki, hike the waterfalls at Rainbow Falls, swim with dolphins, explore the volcano, and so much more. Island hopping allows teens the opportunity to experience the difference in lifesyles between islands.
  • Cultural immersion starts as you step off the plane and greeted in the traditional Hawaiian style. Teens will learn the art of hula, and mele to create their own Authentic Hawaiian Lu'au. Teens will be part of the 'ohana (family) while on their tour and speak the language, try the foods, and learn what it truly means to live aloha. Teens will engage in traditions passed down through the generations and share the culture of the coordinators.

Because we are a nonprofit organization with the mission to enhance the lives of homeless children, Project Hawai'i tuition costs can be made tax deductible as well.

  1. Teens must be enrolled in high-school or class of 2012 or higher
  2. Hold a 3.2gpa average or higher
  3. Have 2 reference letters, one from a school official, teacher, group/club or coach is fine, and one from a non-school adult that has wittnessed the teen in an environment working with young children, (such as a babysitting position, youth group, club or team group...)
  4. Teens will need to provide a health release form from the doctor for the current school year, the sports release is fine.
  5. There is an essay process to assure the teen understands the program they are enrolling, including working with children.

There are so many highlights of our program. Here is an overview of our different programs


  • 200 Hours of Community Service Hours Certificate
    • 150 hours working hands on with homeless children
    • 25 hours of marketing/awareness training
    • 25 hours of workshops/cultural lessons              
    • Art as Medicine
    • Discover ME
    • Acept, Adapt, Achieve
    • Teen's Toolbox for Life
    • Career Workshop at Hard Rock Cafe-Waikiki



  • Island Hopping between Hawai'i (the Big Island) and O'ahu
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Surfing Waikiki
  • Volcano Exploration & Lava Tubes
  • Rainbow Falls Hiking Waterfall Swimming
  • Kayaking Coconut Island
  • Beach Exploration, travel the islands best beaches
  • World Class Shopping
  • Ali'i Drive, Waikiki Night Lights, and so much more



  • Learn the Art of Hula (dance) and Mele (music)
  • Attend an Authentic Lu'au
  • Visit Sacred Lands of Waipi'o
  • Make your own Ti' leaf Hula Skirts
  • Make Traditional Hawaiian Foods
  • Present your new found skills at the lu'au presentation you make for your camp buddies
  • Live with the true spirit of Aloha with your Hawaiian "'Ohana" (Family)

This once in a lifetime opportunity starts on the island of O'ahu in the Waikiki area. Teens will attend workshops across the island, learn to surf, and become best of friends while staying at the beach side hotel. Teens will explore the famous Wakikik night lights, and see how many teens it takes to finish a Volcano Nacho before hitting the dance floor for teen night.  Off to the North Shore to spend 5 days with your new camp buddies (the homeless children). This camp is located right on the mountain side overlooking the ocean in on the North Shore of the island. After this camp experience, teens will spend a few days on the West side of the island, exploring the beaches and getting ready for their island hop experience.

Off to the Big Island of Hawai'i to explore the wonders of nature. As this island is very tropical, and we will see rainbows almost everyday, including the famous night rainbows. While on this island, teens will spend 5 days with their new camp buddies in the secluded retreat of Honoka'a. After camp, teens will travel to Waikoloa resort to rest up, and explore even more beaches, and activities. During this 4 day adventure, teens will swim with dolphins on the dolphin cruise, swim with turtles on turtle beach, walk the famous Ali'i drive and so much more before heading back to the East side of the island for their graduation lu'au they will present to their camp buddies.

For the grand finale, teens will attend an Authentic Lu'au voted all time best on the island of O'ahu.

There is not a spot on either island that will go unexplored while on this 3 week program.

Teens will be staying at various hotels, resorts, condos, and cabins while at camp.

While on O'ahu

  • Queen Kapiolani Hotel
  • Makaha Ocean View Condos
  • Cabins in North Shore while at camp

While on Hawai'i (Big Island)

  • Hilo Bay Hotel
  • Waikoloa Shell Resort Condo's
  • Kalopa State Park Cabins while at camp


Ultimate 3-week Program:

July 2nd -25th

Mini 2-week Program:

July 12th -25th

Both sessions require teens to fly into and out of Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Open to teens enrolled in high school or class of 2012 or higher
    • 3.2 or higher gpa average
    • 2 reference letters (see restrictions)
    • Medical release form
    • Essay
    • Application process (can be found online)
    • Teens must be able to provide their airfare to and from the Honolulu International Airport (HNL)
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