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Pretoma is a Non governmental organisation founded in 1996, our mission is to protect conserve and restore the populations of sea turtles and sharks that utilize the marine environment of Costa Rica by preserving the diverse habitats and international waters upon which they depend.”Over the last 12 years, volunteers have protected thousands of sea turtle nests and released hundreds of thousands of hatchlings back into the Pacific Ocean.

Community based sea turtle nesting beach conservation projects. Monitoring and tagging female nesting turles by carrying out nightly beach patrols.

All of our projects are located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Situated within small costal communities. The project sites are home to an extraordinary array of natural beauty and wildlife. Volunteers can enjoy hiking through the rainforest or exploring the various nearby waterfalls. volunteers can enjoy hiking to nearby tropical forests, exploring mangrove forests, estuaries and waterfalls.

Volunteers can choose to either stay in the station house where the project co-ordinator and field assistants live or they can choose to stay in Private Cabinas located near to the station house.

One week or longer.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Must work well within a team
    • Adaptable to working during the night in all types of weather conditions
    • Volunteers under 18 may be permitted with parent/guardian consent
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NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)