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Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) is an award-winning international volunteer placement organisation based in the UK. We provide the worlds most affordable, need-driven and supportive short-term volunteer programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our programmes start from just two weeks in duration right up to six months. You can join us throughout the year as we have two start dates per month.

PMGY was founded by volunteers for volunteers. We are an independent social venture, not a corporate machine. Our volunteers become part of something really special. We work together with local communities in the developing world to actualise long-term sustainable goals. We recognise that travel can be meaningful, everyone has something to give and that we can make a positive impact. 

At PMGY, we work hard to ensure that our opportunities are affordable. We are also 100% transparent with our fees – something our volunteers really appreciate. Our structured programmes create the perfect platform for you to see the world, meet like-minded people and engage in meaningful volunteer work. We have teams in the UK and in our host destinations who will support you 24/7 throughout your time with us. Furthermore, every project on our network is regularly risk-assessed by our UK team to ensure our set up is safe and that our volunteers are making a positive impact.

There is also a great social element to our programmes. All our projects receive volunteers from around the world throughout the year so even if you’re travelling alone, you’re going to meet heaps of people along the way. Plus you’ll have plenty of opportunity to travel the country with your newfound travel buddies – it’s all part of the PMGY experience!

So if you’re thinking of doing something a little different on your next trip abroad, then why not drop us a line and find out what amazing things you could be doing.

Volunteer Abroad with Plan My Gap Year!

We support communities in the developing world in a number of different capacities. They are:

Community Outreach Volunteering Abroad

Childcare Volunteer Abroad

Teach English Abroad

Medical Volunteering Abroad

NGO Volunteer Abroad

Sports Volunteering Abroad

You can volunteer abroad with Plan My Gap Year in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We send volunteers to 18 different countries

Our main accommodation type is Volunteer Houses. These are properties dedicated to accommodating PMGY volunteers and offer a fantastic social experience. We also place volunteers with local host families and guest houses.

Our programmes are available throughout the year with two start dates every month. You can volunteer from two weeks to six months.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Conversational English language proficiency
    • As a volunteer/intern you must undergo a police check prior to traveling
    • - It is our duty to protect the projects we support

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