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One World Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty.

We address the issues of our time with unique teaching and learning environments that cultivate social change and support our global vision: a sustainable future.


At one of our One World Center locations you will live in teams comprised of other humanitarians from all over the world training to become Development Instructors. You will live in an environment based on community. We grow our food, cook, clean, and run the school as a collective.

As you train to become a Development Instructor you will be challenged to stretch your mind and understanding of the world, while you learn about empowering the poor to create a sustainable future.


The 18 month program has four periods:

Period One: 3 Months - You will start your preparation at campus. You will learn about the forces that run the world, the big issues of our time, and the riches & potentials of the world.

Period Two: 3 Months - You will study the new technologies shaping the future & expectations for the future.

Period Three: 6 Months - You will be assigned to a development project of Humana People to People, where you will work together with the poor.

Period Four: 6 Months - Back at campus you will integrate you experiences & share what you learned with the public.


Serving as a Development Instructor in Africa for six months will introduce you to many new areas of sustainable growth for the world's poor.

As you work and live alongside the poor you will be involved in one of the following projects : Teacher Training College, Farmers Club, Hope (HIV/AIDS support) Child Aid, TCE (Total Control of the Epidemic)

This is a life changing opportunity. Join our team today to bring change to those in need!

** The program description above is for our 18 month program, for program details on our 1, 6 and 9 month programs please visit

  • Teacher Training College
  • Farmers Club
  • HOPE (HIV/AIDS Support)
  • Child Aid
  • Total Control of the HIV Epidemic (TCE)

Africa: Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia

Caribbean: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

South America: Brazil, Belize, Ecuador

Accomodations include: courses, instruction, housing, meals, transportation, travel, certifications, visas, vaccinations, international health insurance, and much more.

1,6, 9 and 18 month programs

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health