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To promote the exercise and rights of civil liberties through Responsible Human Development, alongside populations that live in poverty and social exclusion.

NeVo is a non-profit organization supported by the Inter-American Development Bank that seeks to promote the development of Peru through social projects in human rights, public health, community development, education, the environment, and business. Our projects benefit from the participation of international volunteers, who contribute skills and knowledge from their respective areas of study.

Inform about discrimination and responsible health in Urubamba's secondary schools and in the community; help the economy of the nearby village of Media Luna through developing its own rural tourism activity there; help to fight child malnutrition through lunch programs and greenhouse development in the communities of Yanahuara and Cuncani.

Projects are carried out in Urubamba, a town of about 15,000 that lies an hour northeast of Cusco, in southeastern Peru. The beauty of the landscape surrounding the rural Andean town is breathtaking, and the region is rich in history and culture. Nonetheless, Urubamba suffers from lack of access to quality education, adequate sanitation and medical services, and profitable economic activity. We also work in the high Andean, remote community of Cuncani focusing on combating child malnutrition.

Volunteers usually stay with a Peruvian host family local to Urubamba. However, if the volunteer is part of the Group Programs, then the whole group will sometime stay in a hostel.

NeVo's projects are based on the local reality of Urubamba and are designed to address the town's most urgent problems with sustainable strategies. They are all on-going initiatives, and therefore volunteers may generally begin and end their work at any time, though we require a minimum participation time of 8 weeks for most projects (flexible in some cases). Average program length is 9.14 weeks.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Basic to Intermediate Spanish language skills
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