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 To create income-generating activities for youths who have reformed from criminal activities, negative sexual activities & drug abuse.

Korogocho has a negative image stemming from the general robbery, pick-pocketing, prostitution, gum-sniffing and other criminal activites that made it stand out in comparison to the rest of Kenya. Korogocho developed this name and reputation that most shied away from to avoid its ills. But change is coming from within as a group of youths with vision and open minds realized they and their peers were predisposed to engage in such behaviours as a result of the rampant unemployment. So they came together to do something through their association of soccer youths.

From the beginning playing football was not the entire story. The group came together to collect garbage, and were introduced to members of the community who supported their initiative.

Several NGOs assisted with training, and volunteers began to counsel children with different talents to help them with "ball-making", first begun in this area. This has inspired many youths within slum, who are coming to their senses and are putting effort into networking with other groups with similar ideas, with the aim of uniting Korogocho youths to create a better environment for all.

We are looking forward to leading programs to assist with material, financial, and personnel resouces to continue to support this good work and open the doors of opportunity for Korogocho youths.

  •  Cleaning environment through garbage collection
  • Ball-making project
  • Sports i.e. rugby & football
  •  Children Counselling& mentoring
  • Water project
  • Reform & inform
  • Poultry farming

Program Requirements

Accommodations for Special Needs
  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • 18 and over
    • Good health
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