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Volunteer and travel in India with iSpiice. 

iSpiice is a humantarian organisation supported by volunteers across theworld to improve the lives of families especially women and children in Dharamsala's rural villages. 

  • Teach English Program - English Teaching volunteers make learning English fun and inspire students to reach their full potential. Volunteers work in local schools at primary and secondary levels. The children value class time with fluent English speakers and it gives them the opportunity to improve and practise English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. 
  • Child Care Program - Assist in the care of Dharamsala's children and encourage brighter smiles and brighter futures. Assist local staff in providing a safe environment for the children to play and learn. Set up games, sing songs and develop arts activities to enhance social skills and creativity. 
  • Street Children Program - The 'rag children' as they are locally known are at risk of exploitation and live hand to mouth each day collecting plastics and metals to sell on for a meagre income. Volunteers make daily visits to the community providing basic English language classes and most importantly bring a smile back to their faces. 
  • Renovations Program - Use your creative skills to assist in creating bright and cheerful learning spaces in village Child Care Centres and schools. These centres provide valuable services in the local community and manage to run on minimal resources. Volunteers wash and clean the Centres enirely before applying fresh white paint and then bright colourful educational images on the walls. 
  • Computer Skills Program - Learning Computer Skills is becoming increasingly important to enable students' entry to further study and employment - keeping them up to date, in touch and involved. iSpiicevolunteers teach Computer Skills to students at local Schools and centres.  
  • Women's Empowerment  - Attended by female villagers these group sessions do not only provide access to education but offer  a new platform for social interaction and network building in the community. Volunteers share their skills and experiences with the ladies, they help build up their English conversation skills, assist with resume building and job searching and most importantly confidence in their ability to learn and find jobs.
  • Private Tuition - iSpiicerun Private Tuition, after school English groups for the local village children (many of which are sponsored by iSpiiceto go to school). These children are from low income families and iSpiice’sholistic support provides them with opportunities they would not otherwise have access to.
  • Health Education - iSpiicehas started an initiative, for volunteers with a professional background in Health to travel with English speaking guides into rural villages to meet with local families, women and visit centres.  Depending on the volunteer’s background, interests and experience, iSpiicewill assign a project that meets the community needs and the volunteer’s experience. 

DHARAMSALA, NORTH INDIA (HIMALAYAS) - iSpiiceVolunteer House and Programs are situated in the villages of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh (North India).  Dharamsalais a region in the KangraValley district sitting at 1500m above sea level. Famous for its lush green vegetation, it’s sheltered by the magnificent snow capped Dhauladharrange in the Himalayas. The location is peaceful, beautiful and spiritual – also home to the Dalai Lama.

Our village of Sidhwariis close to Dharamsalatown and McLeod Ganjtown. Both areas are buzzywith international and Indian tourists - great for shopping, taking yoga classes and eating out.

Many of the villages we work with are farming communities - hazy and sun drenched, complete with dusty roads, narrow lanes and surrounded by rice and wheat fields maintained by traditional farming methods.  


  • Taj Mahal Tour, Agra
  • The Golden Temple Tour, Amritsar
  • Himalyan Trek, Dharamsala 
  • Adventure Tour, Manali
  • The Golden Triangle - Delhi, Agra, Jaipur 

iSpiice's location in Dharamsala is arguably one of the most spectacular regions in India and not surprisingly the Dali Lama holds residency in the area. iSpiice base camp (where volunteers live during their stay) is set in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, offering magnificent views of the snow capped peaks and lush green forests.

ISPIICE VOLUNTEER HOUSE - Volunteers stay at the iSpiiceVolunteer House with the iSpiicestaff. Accommodation is clean and comfortable with western style toilets, hot running water and access to the internet. We have separate male and female bedrooms and bathrooms – you will most likely be sharing with 2 or 3 other volunteers. During free time volunteers chill out in the large recreational area of the house - listen to music, watch films, relax and make lesson plans together. 

iSpiice Original Placement runs all year round starting every second Sunday from Delhi. Volunteers are collected at Delhi International Airport before taking an overnight bus / train to Dharamsala. Volunteers also have the option to fly directly to Dharamsala. 

iSpiice 4 week Summer Placement combines volunteer work and travel. The Summer Placement is offered over May and August months every year. See below the 2014 start dates. 
- Sunday 11th May
- Sunday 8th June
- Sunday 6th July
- Sunday 3rd August
- Sunday 17th August

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
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NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)