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Help Our Village Foundation is a rural Eco Tourism Destination. A non-profit and non-governmental organization, was created in 1992 as a community based project under the visionary leadership of the Queen of Adaklu Mamaga Afedima II. It aims at promoting Adaklu community, Brown cotton production in Adaklu and the Adaklu Mountain as an Eco-Tourism Destination. As a source of knowledge, Providing Educational and cross cultural programs and services to the youth, volunteers, students, educators and institutions.

Our Vision

Every person feeling connected to and participating in community building through tourism to help reduce poverty among the women of Adaklu

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the value of volunteering and increase the range and quality of volunteering as a tool for community building.

My name is Love Akosua Kpedekpo, a royal princess of a community in Ghana called Adaklu in the Volta Region.

The name of the Organisation I work with is Help Our Village Foundation as the Programs Coordinator. This organisation is a non -profit and non governmental organisation ,created in 1992 as a community-based project under the visionary leadership of the Queen of Adaklu Mamaga Afedima II. It aims at promoting The Adaklu community, brown cotton production in Adaklu as a Rural Eco Tourism Destination.

As a source of knowledge 'providing educational and cross cultural programs to the youth, volunteer, students, educators and institutions who patronize our services. This community out of this project has achieved all eight millennium development goals, without any form of assistance from government, this community project have earned the women of Adaklu an early childhood development center where by the women no more carry their babies at their backs walking long distances to their farms under the scourging sun but rather leave them at the creche to learn.

Also the tourism aspect is helping reduce poverty at a very fast pace in this community.As a programs coordinator it is my duty to help create pograms and coordinate such programs to benefit those who petronise our programs and our commuinities.I was born a royal to lead and I love helping create change,through self help initiatives.

I have participated in lots of programs to advertise my commuinity and what we do,this is what the organisers of a program I attended in London Madam Melanie St.James Chairperson & Executive Producer at The Global Summit have to say Love Akosua is a global change agent extroaorinaire. In her role as a selected Community Champion in The Global Summit 2012 in London, she was inspiration to people from all walks of life- the grass-roots, the sustainable and ethical business leaders, the youth, and to the other speakers. Her innovative model for integrative community development is just one of the ways she is transforming our global community by example of excellence, service and integrity. Anyone with the opportunity to meet her, work with her, and learn from her is blessed.

Tanya Monsef Bunger Business and Leadership Coach | CFO, GlobalNiche.I was the facilitator for the Millennium Solution Champion, Princess Love Akosua Kpedekpo, at The Global Summit in London. I was impressed with Princess Love's visionary and holistic approach to supporting her village in Ghana. Her project takes indigenous brown cotton, only found there, and creates unique products that can be sold. She engages outside support through tourism which generates enormous economic and social impact to her village. Her leadership has impacted thousands in her village and globally. The possibilities she has create will be felt for generations to come.I am always ready to share what I do with others and also to learn.To me the sky is the limit.

Farming: The major occupation of the women in Adaklu is farming, which is done on a rather smaller scale as a result of lack of agro machinery, agro input and finance. The women grow staple foods like okra, cassava, Maize, tomatoes etc and above all their famous brown cotton which their queen mother is promoting

Because of the flower on the okra, tomatoes and the cotton the women also place bee lives at the foot of their farms therefore they also produce real natural honey Thus they are into bee farming. The Ministry of Agriculture is supporting these women with technical knowhow. On the 7th December 2001 Mamaga Afedima II and her women received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Creche:  the creche is the place where the women leave their babies and children and go to their farms as a result of the project the women are being discouraged from putting these babies at the their backs traveling long distances with these babies to work on their farms the whole day but rather put them at the creche where they can learn, play and sleep comfortably we would appreciate you volunteer at our creche

Orphanage :The orphanage is where we have put children in the community who have lost their parent with no family member catering for them properly, they used to loiter about in the village misbehaving, bringing them together catering for their basic needs like food,shelter,clothing and education makes them now feel comfortable and at home.

 They attend the community school and come back into the orphanage which has now become their home.

  Your help as a volunteers in the orphanage is very much welcomed it will help you touch a needy heart make a needy child feel comfortable and for once wanted.

HOME STAY: When you volunteer within the community, you would have the opportunity to stay with the local people in the community to learn about their culture.

Families have been trained to offer excellent home stay services to those who will work on our project or visit Adaklu.


As part of our voluntary service, we would be happy to have the services of volunteers in the aspect of health workers who would help educate our women and teenage girls on drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, Aids education etc.

We also welcome those who are into Adult Education.


When the last tree dies the last man will also die is what is usually said about trees. Over the years charcoal burning became an income generating activity in Adaklu a lot of trees were fallen to burn charcoal in the name of poverty. With the introduction of this project charcoal burning is illegal in Adaklu the chiefs and queenmothers are responsible for the effectiveness of this barn.We would be happy to receive anyone or organization prepared in helping us conserve our community and around the Adaklu Mountain.


All the above mentioned programs all together form the ADAKLU ECO TOURISM ‘’HELP OUR VILLAGE FOUNDATION’ project. Visit the old women and learn how to spin the cotton into thread and weaving from the village

We are located in Adaklu Abuadi two hour drive from the capital city of Ghana Accra where we have our international airport.The nearest city is Ho the capital of the Volta Region.Our visitors also enjoy free accomodation at the queenmothers residence in the second largest city of Ghana Kumasi during or after their services in the village in Kumasi for a break.

Our major accomodation is home stay. With well trained and trusted families.

We are ready to work all year round.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
Types of Programs:
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)