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With The Great Primate Handshake I couldn’t believe that I found exactly what I wanted: travelling to multiple locations, learning and working with experts in all the fields of my interest, and working on a broad conservation theme to encompass multiple issues. - Lauren Gribble: Kenya 2010

Travel, Create and Educate.

Would you like to travel across Africa whilst creating educational based media to aid world-renowned conservation projects?

Do you want to make a real difference by helping to support primate sanctuaries and their surrounding communities?

Then join us and share and develop skills in:

  • filmmaking
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • online journalism
  • music production
  • and more

The Great Primate Handshake is a digital media production and training expedition created to raise awareness of African conservation organisations within Kenya, Uganda and beyond.

There are a number of 12 day projects for 2013 where you can choose to work with a number of organisations working to support conservation efforts for both communities and wildlife.

For 2014 two 28-day projects are available where you will live onboard an overland truck and experience the best landscapes in Africa whilst taking in, and supporting, the countries’ amazing wildlife.

Working alongside professionals who will assist you in the production of high quality content to be used both locally and globally.

You do not need prior knowledge, simply a passion to develop and share skills whilst working with others.

We collaborate directly with conservation organisations, educators, schools and communities to create content that makes a real difference, and we are looking for people just like you.

We drive right to where the content is needed, and work with the local educators and community to involve them in every step of the process, therefore widening the reach of the skills that are shared.

Firstly, when we arrive at a location we meet with the staff and learn about the organisation we are creating content for.

We listen to their needs and ideas and create a plan based upon their aims and objectives.

The volunteers and Handshake staff will then make a plan and work with the staff on the ground to put it into action.

For example, Chimpanzee Eden is a sanctuary in South Africa, for them we created a package of content which worked on several levels.

Our team of volunteers produced a silent animation on why it is not good to use primates in the media which could be shown to an international audience without a language barrier getting in the way.

This was coupled with a teachers' pack that local educators could use to engage groups of children before, during and after their visit.

To finish off, an activity pack was created where the students could make a Recycled Rainforest (complete with video).

These teaching aids have proved invaluable in really enabling the educators on the ground to interact with their students with fresh content that enriches their learning experience, by making it a multi-platform learning experience. By using video and animation as well as more traditional education techniques, individual students' different learning styles could be catered for.

Other examples of created content include:

We have helped raise awareness of the widespread use of Chimpanzees as pets and by the film industry for Jane Goodall's Chimp Eden:

And helped to promote the work of technology such as the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC) laptop in schools in developing nations:

Work with The Butterfly Project: Conservation Education

Uganda: Entebbe, Ngamba Island, Kole12th – 23rd August 2013 This 12-day project gives you an exciting opportunity to work on the development of a portfolio of conservation education activities with members of The Butterfly Project – young social entrepreneurs who are drivers of positive change in their communities. Volunteer with WWF Kenya. Kenya: Kwale District23rd September - 3rd October 2013 Using video, photography and graphics, you will create content that shows the threats facing wildlife and human livelihoods in this amazingly biologically diverse area of Kenya, and the range of innovative projects that have been put in place to conserve and protect species, from trees to elephants. Cameroon

Ape Action Africa: Thank You Video: 13th October - 25th October 2013

Ape Action Africa: Women's Group and Education Project: 27th October - 8th November 2013

Ape Action Africa: Football Project: 10th November - 22nd November 2013

Kenya 2014: Expedition overview:

Diani > Kakamega Rainforest > Ol Pejeta > Nairobi


Kenya 2012 Expedition Overview (PDF)


Uganda 2014: Expedition overview:

Entebbe > Kampala > Lake Victoria > Kibale National Park > Entebbe


Uganda 2012 Expedition Overview (PDF)

You will be living in a tent with one other person for the majority of the trip and ocasionally we will be staying in hostels.

This video gives a glimpse of tent life:

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Enjoy working as part of a team
    • Have passion
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)