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 Flynepal volunteering organisation carries the mission to promote volunteer opportunities throughout the country that bring positive changes to the life of others and the environment in which we all live. Our overall mission is to develop, facilitate, promote and recognize voluntary activities at all levels whilst ensuring that our projects contribute to sustainable development within the country.

On the basis of this we have proposed four main objectives:

* To provide volunteers with an authentic Nepali experience that includes complete cultural immersion in local communities,
* To develop the voluntary activities available in Nepal with the aim of enhancing existing possibilities and improving their quality,
* To facilitate the socioeconomic development of communities in Nepal through our carefully designed volunteer projects,

* To promote positive perceptions of Nepal through the development of cross-cultural relationships, shared experiences and increased cultural awareness.

We therefore welcome you to join our focused volunteering work (programs) in Nepal and various internships and we will be highly honored by your participation.

A few words from the founder of Flynepal volunteering Organisation

I found there was huge corruption and misuse of volunteer's money to make their fortune rather than donating to charities and support to disable people, when I used to work with other volunteer company for 2 yrs.Then, I realized the importance of new concept and started Flynepal volunteering organization when I was 19 years old, when I felt I can do much better than other organisation without any corruption and misusing volunteer's money. I would like to invite to all people who are desperately looking for particapating volunteer program in Nepal to join Flynepal and help us in our great moves and causes. 

Our Volunteer programs are:

  1. Development study and volunteer/internship opportunity in Nepal
  2. Women empowerment program
  3. Teaching english in Monastery
  4. Organic Farming programs
  5. medical volunteer programs
  6. Micro finance support volunteer program
  7. Support and working for Bhutanese refugees
  8. Having some real cultural exchange with the aboriginal Nepalese people
  9. Establishing libraries in schools and rural communities in rural Himalayan region.
  10. Working in orphanages/street children care centers.
  11. Visiting places off the beaten track.
  12. Conservation and wildlife care.
  13. Community development and support programs.
  14. Agricultural work and support for afforestation programs.
  15. Health and medical work in Himalayan region.
  16. Short term medical campaign, vaccination and medicine distribution project.
  17. Networking with like minded organisations.

Our volunteer programs is all around the country Nepal.

Below are few places where most of our volunteer program are going rapidly.

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Chitwan
  3. Pokhara
  4. Nawalparasi
  5. Dhulikhel
  6. Nuwakot
  7. Bandipur
  8. Dhading
  9. Lumbini
  10. Gorkha
  11. Bhaktapur
  12. Patan
  13. Lalitpur


During Training
During the orientation and training, volunteers will stay in a hotel or host family near Thamel area in Kathmandu which is about 5 kilometers west from the Airport. Accommodation is included in the program fee but for few days volunteers will cover their own food if they stay in hotel. Each volunteer will be provided single room with attached bath room and hotel has hot shower facilities; training will held at the hotel. There are many international and Nepali restaurants near the hotel and one can choose his/her own food.

During placement
At the placement each volunteer lives with a local family as a member of the family and receives a separate room with basic furniture. FVO finds best host families to make volunteer's stay smooth. The families have received orientation on western habits. Families provide two main meals a day, the day time meal will be a light snacks, for drinking - boiled water will be available. The typical Nepalese meal is 'dahl, bhat, tarkaari' (lentil soup, rice and vegetables) also other food like noodles, 'roti' (flat round bread) and different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables are eaten. You will be eating the same food as the family eats everyday. Electricity is available and phone/ internet service will be accessed close by the village. Every Saturdays you will have a day off, as all Nepali do.
While you will be in placement you will be doing your volunteer related activities that benefits to people and their society. We always encourage and emphasis all our volunteers to give extra movements so that people will keep you in heart for ever and remember your valuable efforts towards them.

Our all volunteer programs runs all over the year and you can initiate our program at any time and as long as you want.

We don't have any specific time to start and finish. But we encourage our volunteer to involve as long as possible so thay can feel their outcome was so meaningful infront of their eyes.

Program Requirements

Accommodations for Special Needs
  • 18 and older
  • Good health

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