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Many orphaned children who are unable to remain with extended family members after the death of a parent are faced with the realities of homelessness, crime and prostitution. Our vision is to provide these vulnerable children with the care and resources they need to build exceptional lives, families, and communities. The site of our Children’s Home is in the foothills of the Aberdares Mountain Range. This farm provides abundant fresh water, plentiful and nutritious food grown on-site, clean air, and much open space for the children to play.

The Flying Kites Oasis Program seeks to build the capacity of orphanages by helping to implement a sustainable business model. The program connects orphanages and caregivers with the tools, education and resources necessary to improve childcare, achieve financial independence and gain long-term sustainability. Oasis currently works with 16 children's homes in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

The Ambassador Program invites talented and passionate individuals to commit to a multi-faceted ambassadorship; combining advocacy, fundraising, and time spent at our home in Kenya into a truly exceptional learning experience. The program is designed to give participants a chance to serve others, gain valuable professional skills, develop an understanding of the challenges faced by Flying Kites, and become part of our innovative model to deliver extraordinary care to children in need.

1. Fundraising

Ambassadors create and execute fundraising activities to raise awareness and impact their cause. It is a chance to prove your creativity and build a network behind your goal to make a difference, while gaining insight into the critically important field of non-profit development. Ambassadors work with a staff member to set and achieve specific fundraising targets before, during and after their time in Kenya. We also have two week retreats available for Ambassadors and donors who have demonstrated a significant level of commitment to the children we serve.

2. In-Field Experience

Ambassadors live alongside the extraordinary children at Flying Kites Leadership Academy, nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Aberdare Mountain range, in Njabini, Kenya. Each Ambassador is delegated one of five core roles, within which they are given the responsibility and opportunity to develop and implement systems for impact. These roles span the fields of education, health, community outreach, impact evaluation, media & communications, and event planning. Ambassadors play a key role in the day-to-day operations of FKLA.

3. Advocacy

Ambassadors bring the work of Flying Kites and the importance of supporting our world’s vulnerable children to the forefront of conversations with friends, families, and colleagues. Advocacy and fundraising will take on a new height of urgency after the children and community of Flying Kites have tightly woven themselves into your heart, but these responsibilities are critical to honor both before and after the in-field experience.

Raising awareness can take many shapes and your efforts will be closely supported by Flying Kites staff. Past advocacy campaigns have consisted of speeches to school clubs, presentations to Rotary Clubs, auctions, blogs, newspaper coverage and film screenings, all with the aim of widening our supportive circle.

To learn more about the Ambassador Program and the potential journey ahead, please email

The Oasis Program currently operates in and around Nairobi, Kenya. Children's homes are located in a variety of areas, from urban slums to rural farms and house from 12 - 150 children. 

While accommodation varies at each home, volunteers can expect to be housed in one of the following:

*Guest House

*Home Stay

*Private Apartment

*On-site or with Home Director

All housing is verified and approved by in-country Oasis staff prior to volunteer arrival.

Volunteers are welcome for any length of stay, though minimum stays of two weeks are strongly encouraged. In situations where a volunteer can commit to several months at a time, we will work closely to match their talents with the needs of one of our homes so that we can achieve maximum impact.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
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