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Real name: 

My name is Elena, but if that's too hard to say, you can call me Ella. 

I'm a 22 year old American  with a serious coffee addiction, living and working in the Mekong Delta. I teach English and American Studies at a university, where I am successfully indoctrinating a generation with bleeding heart liberal ideology (kidding. kinda.), and volunteer for Pacific Links, an anti-trafficking NGO here in Vietnam. In my free time I like reading heart-wrenching books about the world's myriad problems, listening to similarly misery-inducing podcasts, conducting field research on equally depressing subjects, and soaking up all Saigon has to offer in terms of 7000D beers.  

My favorite pokemon is JigglyPuff, my favorite 90s summer anthem is Semi-Charmed Kind of Life by Third Eye Blind (but LFO's Summer Girls is a close second), and I was Helga Pataki for Halloween last year.  This year I will be Courtney Love.  

Just living life, dodging tropical illneses and rogue motorbikes one day at a time.