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Help build a school or community center for women and girls in Nepal or Tanzania! 

Edge of Seven invests in projects that improve education, health and economic opportunity for  girls in developing communities.   We support locally driven, community focused, sustainable initiatives by bringing awareness and volunteer support.  

Edge of Seven creates fun, but challenging adventures.  We do this by offering a diverse array of projects for volunteers to choose from.  However, the goal behind each adventure is the same: pushing personal limits in order to improve the lives of girls. Volunteer opportunities range from short-term group programs (often infrastructure projects) to long-term individual placements with one of our partnering NGOs.

Types of Projects:

Edge of Seven has multiple projects at any one time.

Upcoming Trips in 2013:

Educate Tanzania Build

Mt. Meru District, Rural Northeastern Tanzania

Dates: June 15—june 21, 2013  

Edge of Seven and their project partner, Africa School Assistance Project will participate in an educational building project.  This will take place in the villages beneath Mount Kilmanjaro, where children of all ages and genders live without education due to lack of school infrastructure.   Volunteers will get the chance to experience Tanzania’s vibrant landscape and culture, engage physically in a volunteer building project, and give something back to individuals and communities stricken by poverty. 

Earthbags for Women Build

Mankhu Village, Dhading Region, Nepal

Dates: May 5, 2013—may 19, 2013

The community development program at Edge of Seven supports building projects in the Everest Region of Nepal. While poverty levels in Nepal have dropped in recent years, one quarter of the population still lives below the national poverty line of $1 per day.

As a part of Earthbag for Women Build, volunteers will assist with the physical construction of an earthbag building, while learning more about the global issues affecting women and individuals living in poverty.  This trip blends social impact with adventure; and will provide participants the opportunity to experience Nepal’s culture, cuisine, and stunning scenery, while contributing to a community development project.


Basa Secondary School Extension and Sanitation Project

Everest Region, Basa, Nepal 

Dates: Fall 2013 (email for details)

Experience an adventure AND make an impact on the lives of girls in rural Nepal. Interested?

Basa, Nepal is a village located deep within the Everest Region, where community members have struggled to provide adequate school infrastructure for all village children. Moreover,  a lack of adequate toilet facilities cause many girls to miss school during their monthly menstruations.  As a result, girls have been sorely underserved.   Volunteers will have the unique opportunity to experience the local culture, and help expand the higher secondary school through the addition of female sensitive toilets and extra classroom space.  Your work will ensure that girls can attend school consistently, and provide more classroom space so that more children can access higher education.

Everest Region of Nepal and Tanzania

Homestay accomodations will be provided in Nepal. Tent camp at project site in Tanzania. 

Most of our projects are 1-2 week long excursions, however, we are always in need of volunteers and interns in our office!

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)