Ecuador Eco Volunteer

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Ecuador Eco Volunteer is an organization based in Ecuador, we run rpograms thoughout Ecuador at low cost, making accesible for all people to join them, most importantly taking actions and doing some real good in the country.

Conservation, educational programs in Ecuador

Andes -Nisag Indigenouse community -Arenal Alpaca project -Tungurahua organic farming Coast -Mindo Brids and conservation ECOTOURISM -Esmeraldas Mangrove regeneration -Agua Blanca community in the machalilla national park Amazon -Animal Rescue Center -Paraiso Reserve GALAPAGOS ISLANDS

All programs have comfortable acomodations for the volunteers, all are equiped for a kitchen for food handling as well as beds and apliances.

One week to one month

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
Types of Programs:
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)