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To help enhance individual and group potential and expand the capacity of Bulgarian communities through the continuation of innovative programs in education and development, modeled on Peace Corps Bulgaria initiated projects and activities.

CORPluS Foundation was registered in July 2012 as a legacy organization of Peace Corps Bulgaria. The US Peace Corps in Bulgaria terminates its programs in July 2013 and CORPluS will continue and expand the most successful projects which were initiated and implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers in the country. The founders of the organization are 6 current and former Peace Corps Bulgaria staff members who have long experience working in the areas of education, community development and youth development.

CORPluS seeks to advance the work and goals established by Peace Corps Bulgaria and to help fill the void its departure will leave. Building on the 20 plus years of projects, resources, relationships and knowledge, CORPluS will maintain Peace Corps Bulgaria’s values and uphold its mission aimed at:

1.      Diversifying English language education,

2.      Promoting leadership development,

3.      Developing professional skills of individuals, organizations and communities throughout Bulgaria.

CORPluS provides people, knowledge, connections and relationships - Bulgarians poised to do more good things in Bulgaria. Beyond the numerous programs and resources developed by Peace Corps Bulgaria over the years, the CORPluS teamoffers strong working relationships with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Water; the National Association of Municipalities; a vast network of partner organizations, schools and communities throughout the country; strong and solid experience in project management, training design, program facilitation and event planning and implementation.

CORPluS’ GoalS

1. To maintain Peace Corps’ legacy in Bulgaria through established Peace Corps programs and resources and to continue the goodwill and friendship between the people of the United States and the people of Bulgaria.

2. To strengthen the English language skills of Bulgarian students and to share innovative teaching methods with teachers.

3. To develop the capacity of youth and empower them to improve their quality of life, develop leadership skills and become engaged community members.

4. To improve the administrative, economic and project capacity and civil society initiatives of local communities, organizations and individuals in Bulgaria.

CORPluS maintains and continues the relationships with Bulgarian and American institutions, partner organizations and individuals and the network of Bulgarian RPCVs. The organization develops new partnerships with Bulgarian organizations, businesses and members of the professional community.

The Bulgarian education system seems not fully adapted to the current needs of the English language education and does not offer many options for extracurricular activities, language competitions and teacher trainings. Unless some European countries where education authorities recommend that future language teachers spend a period of training in the target language country Bulgarian teachers have very rare opportunities to communicate with native speakers. The problem is countrywide, although most acutely felt in the smaller and underdeveloped communities where funding and qualified English teachers are scarce.

CORPLUS Foundation is puting efforts to provide opportunities for English language teachers to improve their teaching skills through trainings lead by native speakers who have long teaching experience, through providing resources and materials for expanding the teacher s' knowledge and skills. Teachers are introduced to inovative teaching techniques which hel them to use modern and interactive practices in their classes.

The programs run by CORPluS Foundation provide grewat opportunities for the students to practice their English, to improve their English language skills, to learn more about the American history, culture, traditions, sports, etc.

The 2 main projects of CORPluS Foundation involved over 7000 students of English and according to the data we collected the results are very encouraging:

Ø         86% of the students increased their motivation to study English

Ø         82% of the students increased their confidence to speak English

Ø         87% of the students improved their English pronunciation

Ø         93%of the students expanded their vocabulary

Ø         75% of the students increased their knowledge on American culture and traditions

The local rounds of the competitions were held in over 180 villages and towns around the country and the final competitions were organized in Sofia. 25% of the participating schools represent villages, 40 % small and middle towns and 35% - big towns.

All the preparation activities happen in Sofia, the regional events happen in the bigger cities in the country. The Volunteer assignments will be in Sofia.

Separate,  furnished and safe appartments will be identified and provided to the volunteers.

The projects are implemented during the school year   - October to May. Only the Spelling Bee summer camp is organized in the second week of July, after the end of the school year. So, JUly is the active period for Volunteer assignments.

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
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NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)