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Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi: the pioneer of the environmental movement in Bolivia, recognized nationally and internationally for founding centres dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.


•      To defend the environment and conserve biodiversity.

•      To rescue and rehabilitate wild fauna that has fallen victim to trafficking and abuse.

•      To appropriately care for all wild animals that are rescued from captivity.

•      To coordinate and carry out research and education programmes, that will support and contribute to the conservation of our ecosystem. 

CIWY is a Bolivian organisation that works in defence of animal rights and the environment. Founding and managing three wildlife custody centres in Bolivia, our passionate team strive to educate the Bolivian population to uphold values that promote life, conservation, preservation and the recuperation of biodiversity.

In order to do this we rely upon a small team of international volunteers to help us care for the animals in our centres. Volunteers are required all year round to commit to a minimum of 15 days and we also welcome long term helpers!

  • Caring for and rehabilitating animals
  • Carrying out construction projects to improve the facilities for the animals.

Work can be challenging but is very rewarding!

Parque Machía is situated in Villa Tunari in the Chapare province, in the department of Cochabamba.

Parque Ambue Ari is located between Santa Cruz and Trinidad.

Parque Jacj Cuisi, which is the newest of CIWY’s wildlife custody centres, is located approximately 35km from the village of San Buenaventura, opposite the town of Rurrenabaque and in the department of La Paz.

Parque Machía: Double room in hostels exclusively for volunteers. The option to stay in a hotel is also available, this is not included in the price although some offer a discounted price for volunteers. 

Ambue Ari & Jacj Cuisi: dormitories for 6 - 20 volunteers on-site.

We require volunteers to stay for a minimum of 15 days. To be able to work with certain animals we require a longer commitment time, e.g. a minimum of 30 days to work with a feline. There is no maximum volunteer period, volunteers are welcome to stay long term!

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • No previous experience required.
    • All you need is a big heart and the will to work hard to save the animals.
    • English or Spanish language skills
Organization Type:
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)