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in search of God in man formation of a new way of being to a new society. To break the chains of society and to create new social order.


          Through the process of multi facetted initiatives empowerment protect fundamental rights of the poor and the marginalized and fight against discrimination on the basis  of caste, color, gender language, religion and restore human dignity to the downtrodden.


Association for community training better known as ACT was blossomed in the year 1981 by a body of like minded people who have thirst to serve the society, quench to render social justice and to create equalitarian society under the leadership of Mr.S. Arulandu, secretary mentor of ACT who was not satisfied to work for salaried job but wanted to work for rural marginalized poor where as he wanted to voice, struggle for ensuring their rights till their last breath in the world  and aspired to have peaceful death ACT has been working in over 110 villages of Mugaiyur constituency, Villupuram district, Tamilnadu, India. As a Jubilant organization  ACT has been progressively crossing 27 years of service.

We assist the most deprived and disadvantaged people for their socio, economic, empowerment and liberation. we have improving the social, educational and economic situations of rural and urban/rural women, improving girls’ education and women’s literacy, Motivating grassroots women to form self-help groups and schemes for their economic development, Raising awareness among grassroots women on collective work and collective responsibility, Helping grassroots women to become economically independent, Helping women recognize their labor and their innate intelligence as human resources ,Building women’s self confidence through personal development and technical training, Rural poor students summer camps, Construction and unorganized labor welfare development, Child Development, Child Education, Child Care, Child Feeding Supports, Child Education and Sponsorship, Poverty Alleviation, Tribal Welfare, Disable Care, Women Empowerment, Slum Development, Rural And Urban Health And Sanitation Program, Human Rights, Environment, Aged Care, Orphan Care, Housing And Shelter, Leprosy Care Program, And Other Charitable Program.

ACT ‘S Mission:

To break the chains of society, to create new social order and an equalitarian society.

Goal :

Social innovation – People help one another to be rightful citizen and dignified.


To include those who are socially excluded (street children who act as vendors   around bus stand, railway station, children who  are at domestic works, facing physical and sexual harassment, children who are working as supplementary workers in the brick making units and quarries (rock breaking units) as bonded laborers for years, children who are working in the liquor and brandy shops in the neighbour state Pondicherry, children under the control of outlaws and act as beggers, involving pick pocketing ,children in the crackers units and work as home helpers for office going people, children of poor parents stay at home and look  after their younger ones when their parents are in agricultural work, children who are looking after cattle’s).


A reporting centre will  be setup in every town and in cluster villages. In each centre ten volunteer will be working, they will go around the bus stand and railway station and pick up the children and mainstream in to our school. They will be properly informed to police citing identity card. Through the use of creating massive educational awareness in the community the children will be removed from bonded and health hazardous occupation and would be taken for school. 

What we are:

Our founder Late Mr.S.Arulandu, a school master aspired to bring all the children of poor strata to school after  viewing a countless children are acting as cow boys, baby sitter, home help and street  children rag pickers, in the district. God is always willing to guide us. But he expects the direction in our life. Our life on earth is full of choices. A noted philosopher said it well  “ we are our choice hence we need to make a careful choice” – such a forcing mind set was the reason to start Association for Community Training in 1983.

ACT started its work in a small hut as office, selected   a total of 110 energetic youth grass route levels and run evening school, the residential community volunteers had rendered their hardship to mainstream all the non – school goers in to respective local schools. A small seed sowed in the district blossomed itself in to a big banyan. The mind set to accept the insult, and be as grass that bends itself, gives way to flood in the mean time the toppest trees are uprooted – with the understanding ACT remembers yester years service (30 years) . We feel still a mile to go ahead as our mission and vision is unfulfilled so.

Yester Years Donor’s:

  1. Dr.Bennet Benjamin, Development Consultant, Yellagiri Hills- extended support for Technical Education of unemployed youth of Tsunami affected coastal community development  in Villupuram district coastal area,


  1. ACWW, UK had supported for Widows Economic development’s Support in 110 villages, 


  1. Ingrid Austria – Poor women’s economical Support in 110 dalit villages and


  1. Emmaus international, France extended support for promotion of eco farming for the economic development of landless poor  farmers.


Modest Supporter:

Paula Pico Pradas a Spain Volunteer  of enthusiastic, perseverance  and a very good humanitarian  have stayed at ACT for 30 days and conducted extra classes to poor children and, evolved the socio, economic and cultural  contribution and the dalit (out caste) population, recognized Association for Community Training(ACT) as the change agent cum torch bearer of back logged society.


ACT’s Current Focus:

Construction of a “A.J.NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL” to offer quality education to the local and farflunged village children who are deprived of normal education. The mission is estimated in the tune of 50,000 Euro’s.

On our part a total of two acres of land will be contributed to noble cause, the land is meant for construction of school, play ground , water and sanitation. The current value of the land is 30,000 euro’s. While the contribution from foreign donors would be used for construction of the school and its need of furniture and teaching learning materials. 

Rational of Starting school:

Strongly believes that educational development alone can create an equalitarian society that is why we would like to turn our attention towards imparting formal education to unreached and also the lesson we learnt that the stiff opposition of caste ridden and vested interested people who stood against poor children education and allowed them to be child laborers in the yester years and even today. And the children should be removed from their clutches and mainstreamed in to formal school system as they born to enjoy their educational rights rather than being slave.

We feel that if the promised objective of running school is realized than it will be the proudest one in the history of ACT. In our long run we missed to conceive the most pressing need of the children.

Though the promised school program is a big budgeted one, but it shall reap big harvest, illiteracy would be eliminated in the dalit quarters. And other hand the gradual educational understanding will open their eye to fight themselves for their human rights-This is the ultimate aim and objective of ACT. Since everything should emerge from people side and we should act upon their direction.

Inspite of 66 years of Indian independence, the UNESCO report says that there are 90 million domestic workers are across India. The literacy rate of India is 58.6%. We could not achieve 100%.  

The domestic workers are invisible to the purview of society, they should be included in to school that is the synonymous for a fully liberated nation. To remove the sigma and fighting social stigma is our ultimate goal.


We thank you our venerable donors, Philanthropist, well wishers who stood in our support, fuelled our ignited force to work for the least. we look forward similar noble heartedness in the years to come. We welcome line volunteer to ACT to work with us.

“Lord may I become your instrument of kindness and peace. Make me more charitable towards my neighbors. Keep my heart warm like yours always for others”

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Association for Community Training (ACT)

Indian Overseas Bank

Mugaiyur-605755, Villupuram District, Tamilnadu, INDIA

We are working in 110 villages in Villupuram district, Tamilnadu, India.

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