Aneta Dudeńko

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Outreach & Development Coordinator

After earning her Bachelor's Degree in International Business, Aneta decided that she should do something unusual and spontaneous before starting down the path of a longterm career - something that could help her appreciate life as more precious than the daily grind can make it seem. That's why she started to follow her dreams by connecting her interests with voluntary service.

With Slavic roots, speaking Polish, English and Spanish, a passion for extreme sports and new adventures, Aneta decided to travel to and discover the country of Peru. She began by helping the local community with several social development programs while at the same time taking the opportunity to discover its customs, traditions and mystique culture. That venture widened her horizons and cementer her desire to be involved in philantrophy. She constantly seeks new opportunities to explore, bearing in mind that only by dedicating and giving of herself may she achieve a sustainable, lasting impact. That’s why she's just started another adventure of her life – 6 monthly EVS in Aurora Organization in Vic, Spain – trying to share her passion with local youngsters by showing them thousands of advantageous that the voluntary service brings .

"I realized that I need to find a way to join the skills and experience I've worked to achieve and do something valuable that will give back, and bring a smile to others as well as to the one on my face!"

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