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Our world

A global village that we all love to explore. Many are just interested in visiting faraway places and enjoy culture, climate and kitchen. But what if you would be able to work for some time, side by side with locals, teaching children? Work in a center for mentally challenged youth? Or think along with farmers how to improve their crops? Design a Facebook page for another organization that needs publicity to raise funds for the elderly? Or work as a nurse or doctor in a hospital? AMAIDI enables you to do things that you normally would not think of while organizing your holiday. With AMAIDI a holiday in a country that you’ve always wanted to visit, becomes an experience where you share your skills with people in need of those skills. In places where your presence really matters. Would that not be wonderful? We’re in Africa, Asia and the Americas. You’ll find all the countries listed on this site and the projects you can work with in them.

Our vision

A better world for all of us. A world where human and financial resources flow freely from places of plenty to places of scarcity – a flow guided by compassion, human capital and research about sustainable solutions. AMAIDI seeks to use the connective power of the Internet to intertwine local needs with global resources, working towards inclusiveness of all members in a greater world society.

Our mission

Offering local solutions for global problems by assisting locals in their fight against the faces of poverty: lack of health care, education, human rights protection etc. Join us on a journey as a step towards a better world with our time, energy, creativity, money and goodwill as the tools to get things going.

My name is Camille van Neer, I am the founder of AMAIDI.

After a tenure at university (governance studies) and a short career as a teacher and a principal, having a connection with India since 1990, I have decided to settle down near Puducherry, South-India to start AMAIDI Volunteering in India to facilitate the coming and guidance of volunteers, interns and professionals who'd like to come for a shorter or longer period to stay, work and travel in India.

The main aim is to help our partners, being NGOs that work at the 'grassroots level' to support backward communities in rural and urban areas to uplift their lives, by sending experienced volunteers and interns, aligning them with the goals and aims of the NGO to fullfill their aims and objectives as well as those important for the volunteers and interns. Professionals are invited to render their services, to transfer knowledge and support the capacity and sustainable development of the host organization and the communities they serve.

Next to NGOs, AMAIDI partners with schools (from Pre-KG child care centers to university colleges), hospitals and social/care institutions for orphaned and (multiple handicapped) children and adults. 

AMAIDI has a presence in 12 Indian states where we are linked with host-organizations in the need for voluntary workers, capable to render proper guidance, accommodation, food and all that is needed to carry out the voluntary work, internship assignment or professional consultancy.

Started off as a one-man-organization in Pondicherry, South-India has grown over the years into a global social enterprise with a presence in 15 countries spread over 4 continents. Next to volunteering, which is still Amaidi's major brand, the organization has also started in the areas of social investment and responsible tourism. At this moment - September 2012 - some 60+ people are working to make Amaidi the way it is.


Mediation between aspiring volunteer, intern or professional and (professional) organization in India, assisting in setting up one's own charitable project in India, (future:) helping in channeling donations to projects and subsequ

(Higher) secondary education · Administrative support · Adult Care · Agriculture · Animal Care · Art · Child Care Center · Childcare · Construction · Doctor · Domestic Animals · Ecotourism · Education · Environment · Healthcare · Livestock · Management · Mentally challenged adults · Mentally challenged children · Microfinance · Nurse · Organic Agriculture · Physically challenged adults · Physically challenged children · Physiotherapy · Poverty Relief · Primary education · Sports · Street children · Sustainability · Tribal children · Women's Issues

Including El Salvador, Peru, Cambodia, India, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda, we are getting our feet wet in other countries too, hopefully soon available on our website for you to browse for volunteer placements: Egypt, Isael, Morocco, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Rwanda, South-Africa, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and Myanmar. 

As under 'costs': there isn't a single accommodation that is similar to another one. You might stay with a local family in Ivory Coast, a guest house in El Salvador or a backpacker's hostel in Nepal. Or on a boat in the backwaters of Kerala or a stationary one in Dal Lake in Srinagar in Kashmir, both in India. We will inform you about the type of accommodation available during the process of making choices towards your volunteer assignment. 

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health