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To Connect volunteers with projects and make sure that volunteers get the best service and community gains from the volunteering service.

We are an organization registered in Kenya Africa.We connect volunteers with organizations in all over Kenya and some parts of Tanzania. We also organize safaris to our volunteers ,Tourists and other travellers.


-Teaching (Urban and Rural) -Orphanages in urban or rural areas. -HIV/AIDS Work -Medical Placement -Sports Education -Special Needs. -Film Making. -Cooking/cheffs. -Social workers. -Community Developers. -Missionaries. -Fundraisers. -Grand writting and Donor development. -Music,Arts & Crafts. -Programme development. -Volunteer programmes for high school students.

African Volunteers Projects;

-Orphanages. -Youth projects. -Cultural immerssions and Cultural exchange. -Adventure abroad. -Concervation and sustainable projects. -High Schools volunteering. -Schools linking.[African schools and Abroad schools]. -care for disabled and elderly projects. -Tourism. -Church volunteering. -Exchange programmes.

Our programmes are in Kenya;

-Westen kenya, -Eastern Kenya, -Rift Valley, -Central kenya, -Coastal Kenya. -North Eastern and other parts in Nairobi,Mombasa,Machakos,and Mwingi counties.

Volunteers are hosted by families.Families are closer to the projects. We also organize hostel/Hotel accommodations for the volunteers at their own costs.

We recruit volunteers and Interns all year round.

Program Requirements

Accommodations for Special Needs
  • 18 and older
  • Good health

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