Group Volunteer Trips

Volunteer Global - Group Volunteer Trips

Volunteer with your family, class, student organization, or activist group for health awareness initiatives, business and community development, agriculture, and more.

These projects are tailored to accommodate larger traveling groups, providing the structure and support you'll need to arrive, participate, and depart in a safe and timely manner. Our partners will work with you to create a schedule that works for both our team and yours, providing resources to assist in making your project a successful one - with organized, sustainable impact.

Print Journalism in Ghana Journalism Internship

Country: Ghana · Program Type: Business Development, Information Technology · Timeline: 4 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $727

Discover a land loaded with thought-provoking stories & remarkable photographic opportunities as you work for a daily newspaper, television station or radio station based in Ghana, West Africa. OGVO offers both Print and Broadcast... Read more!
Lemur Research & Biodiversity Monitoring

Country: Madagascar · Program Type: Animals & Wildlife, Community Development · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,643

Deforestation is an ongoing problem in Madagascar due to international developments and local charcoal production. This causes a huge threat to the natural habitat of both the lemur species and all the other species that inhabit the forest.  ... Read more!
Students from University of Washington with Doctors in a Medical Lab Physical accommodationsAccommodations for deaf, hard of hearingAccommodations for blind, low visionMedical Internship in Ecuador

Country: Ecuador · Program Type: Children & Youth, Community Development · Timeline: 4 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $2,509

Do an internship within a subcenter of health here in Cuenca, Ecuador!  A truly unique experience for aspriing medical professionals!  A subcenterof health in Ecuador is the first point of contact in the health care system. These medical... Read more!
Intern in Ghana Medical/Nursing Internship

Country: Ghana · Program Type: Children & Youth, Education · Timeline: 2 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $506

Participant must work directly with doctors and nurses to heal patients in Ghana, West Africa by exploiting their medical knowledge and actively with the day-day operations of hospitals and medical centres. Medical care being one of the basic... Read more!
Nicaragua National Zoo Nicaragua National Zoo

Country: Nicaragua · Program Type: Animals & Wildlife · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $296

This program invites you to work with Casa-Nica as they improve programs at the Nicaragua National Zoo.  Your work will further the development and continuing services of the country's only animal refuge for abandoned exotic pets and injured... Read more!
Pre School Children Pre-School Teaching & School Enrichment

Country: South Africa · Program Type: Children & Youth, Community Development · Timeline: 4 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $2,381

You will provide much needed teaching support and manpower to underprivileged pre-schools for children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. You will be assisting with teaching our fun and educational workshops and will help local children... Read more!
Rural Medical Outreach

Country: Madagascar · Program Type: Community Development, Healthcare · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,582

There is a serious lack of trained medical professionals and manpower in the rural villages in South East Madagascar. No matter what your level of health care knowledge is, there is a large amount of work that needs to be done. It is extremely... Read more!
Measuring sea turtles Save Endangered Turtles at Osa In-Water Project

Country: Costa Rica · Program Type: Animals & Wildlife, Conservation · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $438

Help save endangered sea turtles in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica! Volunteers will assist our scientists and researchers in: • Collecting data on population structure, genetic origin and in-water habitats of endangered sea turtles • Hands-on... Read more!
More girls enrolled in schools Schools and Community Sensitization

Country: Uganda · Program Type: Business Development, Education · Timeline: 12 weeks - 48 weeks · Cost: From $1,659

There varous roles that require volunteers under this project; Volunteer Teachers To teach English, Science and Mathematics, positions available for maximum of 6 people a month. The opening are on term basis, ranging from  January to April or... Read more!
Special Needs Education Special Needs Education

Country: Nicaragua · Program Type: Children & Youth, Education · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $296

This program invites you to help Casa-Nica and their community partner, the Melania Lacayo School of Special Education, with their work within Masaya. This is the only school in the city that provides special needs education for children with... Read more!


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