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Medical ResourcesDepartment of State

It is advisable to prepare for your trip and make the most of it by staying healthy. First, you should prevent disease in the first place. Check in with a travel doctor before you leave and check the CDC website (listed below) for vaccination recommendations. Travel advisories are also available from the State Department.

Country specific travel information can be found at

Additional advisories and general travel suggestions can be found at

Center for Disease Control

Vaccination recommendations are available at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Insurance For Your Travels

If something does happen and you become ill, health care costs can be expensive and difficult to acquire. A credit card and emergency contact will be helpful. In addition, insurance that includes evacuation options can save a lot of money. For additional information you can check out this guide to travel insurance by Vendors include:

Global RescueGlobal Rescue

Global Rescue medical and security memberships enable our members to control their fate in an uncertain world. By providing world class medical and security response, advice and evacuation, help is only a phone call away.

International SOS - SOS provides a standard package for travelers that is affordable.

International Volunteer Card

International Volunteer Card logoInternational Volunteer Card offers travel discounts and insurance specifically for volunteers. Simply sign up, provide proof of affiliation with a volunteer or nonprofit group, and you're ready to go for awesome travel benefits!

Travel Health Guide

When travelling abroad, keeping an eye on your health and safety equals to enjoying your trip to the fullest with as few incidents as possible.

World NomadsWorld Nomads Logo - Volunteer Global

World Nomads provides travel insurance regardless of whether you're volunteering abroad--so if your next trip doesn't quite focus on service, this might be a great choice for you!

Flight Deals

Student Universe


Whether you're planning a semester abroad or a solo visit to another country, finding the right international flight is key. Airfare is often the most expensive part of any trip, so it's crucial to know your way around flight options and to know how to look for a good deal. Fortunately for students, there are some tricks to finding flights abroad that won’t blow your budget before you get to your destination.

Easy Group Airfare

Easy Group Airfare

Easy Group Airfare is the ultimate online destination for discounted group travel.  Whether you are traveling across the country or around the world, Easy Group Airfare serves as your travel agent and advocate, by providing travel assistance and support for groups traveling the globe.  A triple-bottom-line company, Easy Group Airfare donates 5% of profits back to the non-profit organizations that book their travel with them.  Request a quote with Easy Group Airfare today!

Travel Resources And Blogs

Frayed Passport

Frayed Passport

Great source for travel blogs and advice, featuring publication and travel writing workshops to aid the aspiring travel writer.

Matador is a great network of travel bloggers, writers, and photographers.

Peace Corps Forum

Whether you are a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a serving Peace Corps Volunteer, an Applicant, or just thinking about joining; this is the place to share your wisdom or seek information about the Peace Corps.

Popsugar has some great ideas and information for deciding where to go on your next trip.

Funding Your Volunteer Abroad Trip

Fundraise for your trip abroad with Volunteer Forever

Volunteer Forever recently launched the world's first crowdfunding platform exclusively for volunteer travelers. Volunteers are welcome to create free accounts, start fundraising, and even review your volunteer abroad placement after you've returned home. There's no minimum tipping point, so any money that is donated still gets disbursed to your bank account. Learn more at!

MyTab Logo - Volunteer Global

Use myTab to plan and fund your trip abroad--whether you're saving up for a volunteer stint, a destination wedding, a retreat, or even a group vacation (like spring break!),myTab allows you to quickly and easily plan your getaway and save up with contributions from your family, friends, and networks. There's no fee to participate, and if you end up raising a bit more money than you need (woohoo!), you can always regift or save it for another trip later on. Learn more at!