Tips on Blog Posting

Why won't my images show?
  • The proper, easiest way to embed images in your blog is to first upload them to You can either use the VG account and create an album, or create your own account.
    • This step helps avoid problems when trying to link to images on facebook, your own hard drive, etc. that may have issues.

How do I resize my images?

  • If you want to change the size of your image, simply right-click on the image and click "Image Properties".
  • You can then adjust the width or height of your image and it will automatically scale it for you.
  • To allow viewers to see the full image, click the "Link" tab in image properties and paste the same URL from imgur with "New Window" as the Target. 

How do I place my images within my blog?

  • By default your images will be centered - if you'd like to align them left or right, under image properties select Align and choose.
  • For image margins - you can go to Advanced settings on your image and create a setting for "margin:" For example, "margin: 1px 2px 3px 4px;" will go clockwise giving you a margin-top of 1px, margin-right of 2px, margin-bottom of 3px, and margin-left of 4px.
  • To center your images, simply place the class "full-img" in Stylesheet classes under Advanced Settings" in the properties of your image.

How do I change my blog background?

  • Log in and go to Edit Profile >> Profile >> My Blog Background, and you can choose which image you'd like to use as your blog background.
  • Or if you'd like a different image go to Site Background, and then upload your own - just make sure it's HD and at least 1920x1080 pixels.
Hope this helps and feel free to shoot me an email at with any other questions you have!