I really enjoyed the summer program experience in Jaipur


Vivian joined summer volunteer program 2011 with her friend


I really enjoyed the summer program experience in Jaipur. Sankalp not only provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for volunteers but also a safe and friendly home. I love teaching the kids and I love it more when they learned something new from me. The street program is very meaningful in my point of view because these children, just as any other children in any country deserve a chance to learn. Without this chance, their life can hardly be improved.

This is not  first time being in a volunteering – teaching tour, and as always these experiences allow me to realize how much I already have and how lucky I am comparing these kids. This program is a part of my teenage life, giving me a chance to understand about this world and also myself. I can’t believe two weeks have passed so quickly. The most satisfying experience will be the progress my two maths students have made. From a stage when they barely understand the concept of division to now, they are able to do even up to 8 digit number divisions.  

People are very nice. The children are so cute. Accommodation and food was really very good. I actually like the fact that no a/c is provided during the day time, it made me feel proud to live an environmental friendly life. I love Sankalp staff members, so nice, so passionate. Definitely I will recommend to others.