Youth & Women empowerment

Project Description: 

Women’s empowerment is a critical aspect of achieving gender equality. Women’s empowerment is achieved when women and girls acquire the power to act freely, exercise their rights, and fulfill their potential. While empowerment often comes from within individuals themselves, cultures, societies, and institutions create conditions that facilitate or undermine the possibilities for empowerment. The process of empowerment is incremental and involves changes to multiple aspects of a woman’s life. Furthermore, women are not a homogenous group, but a diverse group of people who experience empowerment and gender relations differently based on the context in which they live, their social relations (i.e., class, age, marital status), and their socially designated identities (i.e., wife, daughter, co-worker)

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK), however, has found a means to successfully implement all aspects of the theory of youth empowerment through the development of the VACK Youth Empowerment Model. The Model is a three-pronged approach to empowerment that chal¬lenges youth to develop skills, gain critical awareness, and participate in opportunities that are necessary for creating community change. Intrinsic to the VACK Youth Empowerment Model is the theory of youth empowerment, not only aiding in the development of youth, but also helping to create generations of civically minded youth that take strategic actions to improve their communities. This paper discusses the three levels of youth empowerment (individual, organizational, and community) and highlights the effec¬tiveness of the VACK Youth Empowerment Model and its fidelity to the youth empowerment theory.

Giving the Youth Computer skills

The project is open to volunteers at any time of the year provided that volunteers comit at least for weeks in the project to secure a placement.


All our community projects accomodate volunteers in host families that are a walking distance to the working location.

We can be able to arrange hotel/hostel accommodation for volunteers at their own cost


4 Weeks US $380

Every Extra week up to week 18 US $90

From week 19 on wards US $80 per week

This Cost Covers...: 

Participation Fees Covers The Following:

  • Airports pick up/meeting.
  • Transportation from Nairobi to project site.
  • Accommodation from the beginning to the end of the program. Volunteers live with host family in a large house for the duration of volunteer work.
  • Three (3) times daily African dishes/continental meals
  • In-country introduction/orientation
  • Introduction to host family and program
  • Placement and supervision in program
  • Support/24 hour back up from VACK
  • Donation to project
  • A letter of recommendation or certificate to participants after program

The Participation Fees Does Not Cover The Following:

  • Flight/Air transportation from homeland.
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Drinks/smoking and clubbing
  • Buying gifts/souvenirs for friends and family members back home.
  • Phone calls
  • Internet access
  • Medical bills
  • excursion activities
  • Damage to or loss of properties – luggage
  • Local transport
Best Suited For...: 

This projects are best susted for: Teens, Individuals, Groups, Families and Professionals who are interested in working together with youths and women towards realizing sustainability in development initiatives