Watchara Home Stay Farm

Project Description:

My name is Watchara and I have been a guide since I was 10 years old, with trekking guide experience and a sightseeing tour guide license. I am a former monk and school teacher with experience in teaching meditation techniques. I am offering a unique Thai experience that allows me to be a part of your wonderful trip to Thailand.

I have opened a beautiful home stay farm with hopes of assisting volunteers on a budget that wish to have a more organic experience of Thailand. The focus here is on creating a low cost way for guests to experience life as a native while enjoying all Thailand has to offer as a tourist destination. A communal atmosphere is facilitated at the farm, and guests are welcome and encouraged to help with chores or farming and to participate in cooking and upkeep. Meditation practice and assistance is offered, with a corresponding insight into Buddhism.
The quiet and peaceful location is approximately 60km from Chaing Mai with transportation to and from the airport and around the area available for a small fee. Trekking opportunities and a waterfall with cave are close by with guided trips arranged as desired. The Karen, Lisu and Hmong people have villages nearby to visit that are not your typical tourist traps. Guests may use the location as a jumping off point for other tourist activities or spend the time quietly at the farm experiencing the peace of a simple Thai life.
The menu is vegetarian, with non vegetarian options available locally, with a focus on local and fresh produce, some grown on the farm. Price includes three meals consisting of typical simple Thai fare of coffee and tea, boiled or sticky rice and noodles, vegetables and Thai spices. Communal food prep is encouraged with instruction in Thai cooking included.
The facilities are simple but clean, with a shared toilet and washing facilities, with small bamboo thatch roofed houses for sleeping. There is no electricity, allowing guest to remain in touch with nature and truly experience the more natural rhythms of a simple Thai life.

The watchara home stay farm offers program planting season vegetables in the beautiful valley farm and stay in the nice bamboo house We have activities for volunteers every day

Volunteers can learn to plant season vegetables such as tomatoes.
Volunteers can learn to cook Thai food such as fried noodles Thai-style.and papaya salad.
Volunteers can learn to meditate before going to bed.

Watchara home stay farm located at Samoeng city just 60 Kilometers from Chiang Mai city.Room price starting 2oo baht per 1 person and per 1 night included 3 Local meals B/L/D and activity 3 program in the farm. If you come to watchara home stay Farm at pangtoem village please get on yellow minibus at Waroros market bus station (p.s minibus fares 100 baht) minibuses depart From Waroros market busstation at about 11:00 O’clock. Only one time a day. We have English speaking staff.Phone [ For internataional calls use + 66 for Thailand and drop the initial 0 ] Or contact Mr, Watchara Vijitputtakun Mobile (66) 081-8818879 Address 16 Moo4 T.Maesab A. samoeng j. Chiang Mai 50250 Email. facebook. Watchara home stay


Room price starting 200 baht per 1 person and per 1 night included 3 local meals breakfast lunch dinner and activities in the farm
If you are interesting the farm. please come to Watchara home stay farm please get on yellow minibus at Waroros market bus station.the yellow minibus depart 11.00 o’clock.Phone [ for international calls use +66 for Thailand and drop the initail 0 ] please contact Mr, Watchara { 66 } 0818818879