Teaching Internship at a Primary School

Project Description: 

If you passionately enjoy teaching and work great with children, this is the perfect internship for you and a great way to an ultimate satisfaction in an African setting and a hand-on experience. Help is needed in many areas, including English, math, science, computers, and vocational skills.

Volunteer for community primary school assistance in Fort Portal, Uganda

Volunteer activities with this program range from:

  • Visiting local schools to teaching English, math, science, computers, and vocational skills
  • Assisting with the assist local educators by supporting and promoting learning in the classroom and the community
  • Interns may work in primary, secondary and vocational institutions, as well as private institutes; teaching classes, assisting with curriculum development, discussing teaching strategies and conducting educational outreach activities in the community.
  • Volunteers can teach the little children in pre-nursery school who are between the ages of 3 years and 6 years or teach in primary or secondary school students.

These are the everyday activities we need help with; however, if you are experienced in other areas we are flexible and would love to put your skills to use! You'll volunteer with Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation a local non-profit organization working on community-based projects in Uganda. Learn more about Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation!


Flexible! You can choose your start and end dates based on availability. You'll work between five to eight hours per day, with an optional number of days per week depending on the activities the volunteer chooses to participate in. Once a volunteer has registered, they will work out a schedule with one of our program coordinators that meets both the volunteer's and project's needs.

The working hours vary but your day may start as early as 6:30-9:00 and finish at 15:00-17:00. You will work 5 days a week, leaving you two free days to explore the area.


Most of our accommodations are within a short walking distance though in other projects the will have to take a public transport to get to the project site. Volunteers have the option to stay with a homestay arrangement or at our rented volunteer’s guesthouses or at a hotel. Housing will be arranged on a case by case basis to ensure the comfort of each volunteer. Private rooms are available upon request. Amenities include:
• Access to clean, potable water at accommodations and the project site.
• Hot, running water is available at accommodations, and there are several options in town for volunteers to do their laundry.
• Internet is available and free at the project site; however, Internet service in Uganda can be unreliable. There are several Internet cafes in town with good rates and we can assist you with recommendations.


ASTCF works hard to make our prices as reasonable as possible, while maintaining our personalized service and standards of excellence. Our fees reflect unmatched support for the volunteer and real service to sustainable projects in the community. The program fee will cover expenses beginning the first day to the last day of the program. If you arrive before the first day of the program and/or stay beyond the last day of the program, expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer (usually $30 per day for room/food in hostel)


1 week - US$100, 2 week - US$200, 3 weeks - US$300, 4 weeks - US$400, 5 weeks - US$500, 6 weeks - US$600, 7 weeks - US$700, 8 weeks - US$800


1 Week - US$120, 2 weeks - US$240, 3 weeks - US$360, 4 weeks - US$480, 5 weeks - US$600, 6 weeks - US$720, 7 weeks - US$840, 8 weeks - US$960

This Cost Covers...: 

What is included in the fees?

  • Administration costs
  • Airport pick up and airport transfers
  • city tour
  • 1 day Orientation ( full local orientation)
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day 7 days a week
  • Program supervision – field guide
  • 24 hours 7 days a week local staff support
  • In-country emergency support
  • Letter of completion
Best Suited For...: 

There are no specific qualifications or previous experience needed to join the education and teaching internship. However, interns with previous professional work experience, academic coursework in the desired field or international experience are more helpful. Interns are expected to be hard working, adaptable, and able to work both independently and as part of a team.

Other considerations, education internships are not just for education majors. Undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals from fields other than education can participate in education internships. The internship represents not only an opportunity for individuals to gain in-depth experience in the field of education, but also an interesting way to make a difference for people in a local community in need.

ASTCF’s minimum age for participation is 18. There is no maximum age for participation. Due to the customized nature of our internship placements, interns at all stages of their careers are welcome on the program.