Panda care volunteering in Xi'an, China, neighbor to authentic Taoism landmark

Project Description: 

Xi'an city, featured with its glorious historic and cultural assets -Terra Cotta Warriors, the ancient city wall, capital of 13 dynasties in Chinese history.

The Qinling Mountains, in the south of Xi'an, the boundary between China's north and south geographically and culturally, the hotspot with rich biodiversity, wild panda's north most distributed landscape.
Louguan Town, located at the northern foot of Qinling, the authentic Taoism cultural landmark, from where the Chinese philosopher Laozi developed his masterpiece and recognized as founder of Taoism.

The daily life and activities

Panda care (commitment needed):
Panda feeding (2 hours per day)
Panda enclosures cleaning (2 hours per day)
Animal enrichment work (1 hour per day)
Engagement in panda research work (2 hours per day)

Beyond that (not obligatory, optional for either/combination of them) :
Panda conservation mini seminar/story sharing, offered by our experts (2-hour session for once a week)
Trek in the local terrestrial landscape (half-day session for once a week)
English teaching experience at local, to school/panda base staff (1-hour class per 3 days)
Local community visit, close to traditional Chinese lifestyle (2-hour tour for twice per week)
Taoism featured place tour, understanding ancient Chinese philosophy (2-hour tour for twice during visit)
Rural mart/bazaar visit, exposed to another view of Chinese countryside (3-hour tour for once per week)
Participation in organized activities for volunteers to sit together, reflection and exchange (twice+ per week)

Daily pattern across a week (Starting from Mon/Tue of the beginning week):
1st - 2nd day - familiar with local environment, understanding working principle and instructions of volunteering in the panda breeding base, being trained by designated staff(s), get to know others.
2nd – 6th day - regular daily activity on panda care and beyond.
6th – 7th day - flexible for personal arrangement of recreational activities at local or to Xi'an City/nearby.

The requirements

Age above 18
Good spoken English
Minimum one week (at least five working days) volunteering commitment
Valid flights, visas, travel and medical insurance
Good health condition for basic physical work
No prerequisite on breeding skills, but you will be required for dedicated learning and work during stay.
Environmental-friendly traveler.


The benefits

A certificate issued from Louguantai panda breeding base upon complement of volunteering work .
A panda gift bag ready for you, with surprises.
Free guiding for local Taoism features and nature spots in the neighborhood.
Regular organized sessions after working hours for all volunteers.


One week +, all year around. 


2 bed-room apartment for 4 persons (shared room) typically, with full equipped facilities - washing machine, fridge, air conditioner, 24 hour WiFi and 24-hour hot water.

3 regular meal at dining hall of Louguantai panda breeding base, western breakfast, local Chinese lunch and dinner, mixed with western meal occasionally, welcome and farewell group dinner at local restaurant.


USD 850 per week 

This Cost Covers...: 

What's included:
Local food and accommodation, 7 days *
Arrival pickup – from airport (or downtown Xi'an), departure drop off to Airport (or downtown Xi'an )
Project orientation
Technical guiding and training
All daily activities for panda care and beyond
In-country support
Local neighborhood travel assistance

* Private apartment available for an additional USD 100 charge per week.

What's not included:
Flights, visas, vaccinations, insurance.
Personal sightseeing, recreational activities*

* Customized charged support can be provided based on individual needs.

Best Suited For...: 

collegue students, retired persons, families, groups.