Living in Total Health Initiative

Project Description: 

Living in total Health (LITHI) initiative is an organization that was registered on 2009 as a non-governmental organization to assist the underprivileged community members has access to health services. It is also registered under the Health services providing category targeting all Kenyans especially the less advantaged in our communities.
We purpose to place a lot of emphasis on emergency support services, the health of the youth, women and children and the elderly in our society emphasizing on disease prevention through Health Education and Public Health Interventions.
Focus will always be on the Communities as a whole with the understanding that Health forms a key Factor in the pursuit of Development. With this in mind a health facility has been established at Kiambiu slums in Kamukunji District Nairobi County.
Kiambiu and city carton are slum areas in Nairobi County of Kenya, and home to approximately 250,000 city dwellers. Like in all other slums, the residents are of low socio economic status.
The Government is charged with providing Health services to all citizens through Government and Local Government facilities. This area is not served by any of these facilities the nearest being like 3 kilometers away.
As per our specific objectives items, we decided to establish a clinic at Kiambiu whose doors opened to the community on the 3rd of May 2010. Throughout this year we worked hard to fulfill all the Government requirements through the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation. This Ministry, in recognition of the service we provide, has placed us as their service provider through the Service Deliver Point Number 3718 of 25th March 2011. This means we are now providing Reproductive Health Services to the residents of Kiambiu and city carton on behalf of the Government. We are also members of the Kiambiu Environmental hygiene team which periodically organizes clean up days which we support by providing hand gloves for the activity. We carry out individualized health education to the patients but it is our plan that we shall be able to get to the entire community through organized public health education days especially on communicable Diseases with emphasis on preventive interventions. We are also focusing on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis and are therefore about to start a Comprehensive Care Centre.
During this year we have received assistance from the Ministry on drugs like Oral Rehydration Solution sachets, skin disease lotions. The Ministry has also always included us in their training programmes.

Volunteer Tasks
The management of the project is open to allow you to offer your services in any of the field mentioned above. Some of the areas that you will be involved in while in the project include.
• Preventive and curative medical care
• Laboratory services
• Awareness creation in the local community
• Campaigns on emerging issues especially with focus on the youths and women
• Environmental awareness and clean-up activities
• Health talks
Remember always to be open minded, flexible and open to new ideas while in the project


Community awareness

Volunteers are expecetd to commit for atleast two months in the project. This project is open hence volunteers can start their placement at any given time.


Volunteers placed in this project will either be accommodated by a host family in Buruburu which is a walking distance to the project. Your host family will be close to the VACK main office which is a secure residential area. In the host you will be getting two meals a day that is breakfast and dinner and arrangements will be made to have lunch at the project site. Hence volunteers are advised to be flexible. Meals will be provided at the host family on a daily basis. You will be provided with a room that is lockable and secure with beddings. Beddings will be provided but volunteers can carry a sleeping bag if they deem necessary and you can get a mosquito net while in Nairobi.
Internet access: Most of the houses within Buruburu are connected to internet and the areas have a number of internet cafes where you will be able to access this service. The proximity to the VACK main office will also give an opportunity to access the service in our office.


The participation fee is USD100 per week of placement in the project

This Cost Covers...: 

• Project preparation
• Airports pick up/meeting and departure
• Project placement and supervision
• Accommodation in the project from the beginning to the end of the program
• Daily Meals (African dishes/continental meals)
• In-country introduction/orientation, Introduction to host family and program
• Support/24 hour back up from VACK
• Donation to the project to support its activities
• A letter of recommendation or certificate to participants after program
• Development of other programs within VACK
• Administrative expenses
The following costs are NOT included:
• Flight costs
• Visa costs
• Medical & Travel insurance
• Local traveling and sight seeing

Best Suited For...: 
  1. medical professionals
  2. medical students
  3. those interested in environmental work
  4. people with interest in medicine