Website, Web 2 And Media Creation

Website, Web 2 And Media Creation
Website, Web 2 And Media Creation

Nicaragua is moving online along with the rest of the world but currently lacks the many of the skills needed to create a polished online presence. They realize that in order to attract new volunteers and gain exposure they need to be online but are unsure how to go about that let alone create the content that their sites would need. Most of the organizations are run by older management that have never had to implement an online presence before so have no access to the skills and knowledge needed to do this.

A volunteer on this program would get involved in every aspect of creating an online presence for a Nicaraguan NGO. The project would start with finding out exactly what they need. This could be simple a website to a full suite of tools including email, calendar, document online backups etc. Then registering a domain name if they don't have one, finding a hosting provider and building out what they need. All of which would have to kept simple (and cheap) and documented in such a way that they would be able to use what you created going into the future.

If you are a video creator or designer then there are opportunities to create promotional videos or promotional literature such as brochures or pamphlets. If you are skilled in creating beautiful things with a computer then there are organizations here that would love to use your skills.

Furthermore, they are able to see the that using Facebook, Google+, Linkedin sites to promote their organizations is becoming just as important as their own website but again need someone to come and and get things started.

Finally, as their offices are becoming more computerised they face the same problems as everyone else with document management, backups, storage, etc and would welcome anyone that could come in and implement a system to keep them all synced and working together,.

Any assistance that you could offer in creative IT or business IT would be extremely welcome here in Nicaragua and really help them embrace and employ technology.

Completing these projects will be somewhat challenging due to the level of IT resources, internet access and general IT skills in these organizations. Therefore, you will have to think hard about what solutions you offer and how they are implemented. However, once you get everything working the way they want it is amazingly rewarding.

You will get to practice your Spanish as the content of the sites and videos will be in Spanish and the people in the organizations will, for the most part, only speak Spanish.

The Casa-Nica house has fast for Nicaragua internet; 3Mbps, so you will be able to work from the house if you want to.

You will learn a great deal about how to meet technical challenges with the minimum resources.

Casa-Nica has a strong background in Linux and OpenSource and we will be happy to teach you about any aspect of that.

The only requirement for this program is that the volunteer brings a laptop on which to compose their work. We will be able to assist with whatever level of Spanish they arrive with.


The volunteer house and the majority of the organizations that we work with are allocated in Masaya,  Nicaragua. Masaya is a small town located 30KMs south of the capital of Nicaragua; Managua.

The town is small enough that all locations are within safe walking distance along with all local conviences such as shops, transport etc.


The exact schedule for volunteers will change depending on exactly what the indivudual volunteer requires and/or has requested. However, generally volunteers work 4-5 hours per day and study Spanish in the afternoon and evening.


All Casa-Nica volunteers stay in the volunteer house. It is a large, 5 bedroom house in the center of Masaya. The house is a renovated colonial style home. In the traditional Spanish Colonial style it is built around two garden courtyards. The first is a lawn with banana trees and hanging jasmine and the second one is an outdoor seating area and herb garden. The house comes with everything you would expect to make your stay comfortable; wifi, laundry facilities, full kitchen, and several relaxation areas with hammocks and easy chairs.

Cost Breakdown

This program may have a Reservation Fee, which is included in the total cost. Your Reservation Fee is due once you commit to the program, with the remaining Program Fee balance due 30 days before your arrival date.

1 week:     $296 Longer:     +$246 per week
1 month:     $850 Longer:     +$185 per week

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Note: All listed prices are in US Dollars.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is a three-step process:

  • Fill out an Inquiry Form. Please note: submissions must be made at least 4 weeks prior to your prospective start date.
  • A member of the Volunteer Global team will get in touch with you to confirm program availability for your chosen dates, and schedule an interview if needed.
  • Once your interview is complete, you will be notified to submit your Reservation Fee to reserve your program and schedule. Your final Program Fee is due at least 4 weeks prior to in-country arrival in order to reserve your placement.

Important Note

This is a pilot program. As part of our program development process, we ask our first groups of participating volunteers to provide additional feedback to assist us in ensuring the most rewarding experience possible in cooperation with Casa-Nica for their associated programs.

Registration must be completed at least one month prior to your program start date, so...let's get started!


  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Able to volunteer from three hours to a full day, depending on how many programs participating in.
    • Must bring own laptop on which to compose your work
Partner: Casa-Nica
Country: Nicaragua

Type of Work: Information Technology

Duration: 4 weeks or longer
Fee: From $296
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Your Program Fee Covers:

  • Registration and pre-departure interview
  • Volunteer handbook (when available)
  • 24/7 U.S.-based staff support
  • In-country housing and certain amenities
  • Training and guidance from host group
  • Host program needs, such as tools or supplies for your project
  • Post-trip thank-you packet
  • Monthly newsletters

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, it does not cover your flight, passport/visa, vaccinations, transportation while in country, exit fees, meals, or personal expenses. Click here for full details about your program costs!