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English Learning Instruction Classroom

English Learning Instruction Classroom

Create an English Instruction Classroom for an organisation dedicated to disabled persons!

This program is designed for volunteers interested in developing creative and innovative teaching practices, specific to the individualised needs of persons with disabilities. El Nomad is working in collaboration with SIREDIS Foundation to create effective English teaching resources/tools/methods used to develop English language learning capacity. SIREDIS Foundation is a local organisation working towards improving the rights of persons with a disability through social engagement and inclusion, the support of government, community and partnering organisations, and development of national and local social policy and laws.

The role of the volunteer is the following:

The volunteer/s will be required to design the layout of the classroom and creatively put together a variety of resources that will be used by language teachers for English instruction class.The resources will need to cater to persons with physical, mental and social disabilities. Volunteers will have the opportunity to do site visits with the SIREDIS staff, in which along with trained professionals, they visit both private homes and schools that are currently accommodating persons with a disability. The SIREDIS staff run needs assessments and through collaborative partnering organisations, provides ongoing support to further improve the social and physical environment of the person with a disability. 

To cover the costs of the classroom resources, students will need to independently propose a fundraising strategy plan, which they will then need to organise and execute with the support of El Nomad and SIREDIS staff. Students are welcome to bring materials from their home country. Pre-arrival webinars conducted by El Nomad aim to guide the volunteer in what materials will be most appropriate. 

At the end of their experience, the volunteers will be asked to do a presentation to SIREDIS. They will need to discuss their classroom and instructional materials.  


The SIREDIS Foundation is located in Ecuadors third largest city, Cuenca. Nonetheless, with a population of 500,000, Cuenca provides the charm of a small, welcoming community. In 1999, Cuenca was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in 2010, it was voted one of the top ten cities in the world to visit by the Lonely Planet.

A clean city of colonial heritage and modern amenities, in Cuenca you'll find everything from international resturants and cars, to sports facilities (gym, swimming pool, rock-climbing walls, etc.) and biking/running trails, to shopping malls and yoga studios. Cuenca is also a short distance form excursions like Cajas National Park and the ruins of Ingapirca. History is a alive here: lively street markets, colonial churches, indigenous people in traditional dress, and a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes Cuenca both a perfect home away from home and an inviting place to learn the Spanish language.


We are 100 per cent flexible! You can choose your start and end dates based on a time that suits you best. We are able to completely customise your program duration and the time of the year you choose to do it.

Depending on the amount of Spanish classes you choose to take, your day-to-day schedule will vary. You can intern as much or little as you would like!  


All of our accomodation is centrally-located in Cuenca, within walking distance or a short bus ride to universities and the city center. They are close to a variety of restaurants, bars, sports facilities (gym, swimming pool, rock-climbing walls, etc), public parks, and biking/running trails.

 Housing is arranged depending on the preference of the students. We offer both homestays and private accomodation. Homestays present an unrivalled opportunity for the volunteers to immerse themselves in the local language and culture. Living with a family provides our program participants with unique insight in to Ecuadorian customs and lifestyle.

Participants will be provided with three meals per day, and will generally eat lunch with their host family. Lunch is the primary meal of the day, and sharing this meal is an important Ecuadorian custom. Students are provided with a private room and modern amenities, which include:

*Bed with sheets, blankets, and pillows

* Western-style bathroom (toliet, shower, sink)

* Fully-equipped kitchen (refigerator, stove, dishes, cups, etc.)

* 24/7 hot water

* Washer/dryer or laundry service

* 120 V electricity (same as U.S.)

*Wi-fi is available in some homestays. Free wi-fi is always available nearby at the El Nomad center! However remember, you're in Ecuador, so close your computer and go out and explore! 

Cost Breakdown

This program may have a Reservation Fee, which is included in the total cost and is due once you commit to the program, with the remaining Program Fee balance due 30 days before your arrival date.

2 months:     $3,986

The listed price is an estimate.  Price varies depending on program duration and features, feel free to contact us at or on social media with any questions! 

Click here for full details about your program costs and how your Program Fee is used.

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Note: All listed prices are in US Dollars.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is a three-step process:

  • Fill out an Inquiry Form. Please note: submissions must be made at least 4 weeks prior to your prospective start date.
  • A member of the Volunteer Global team will get in touch with you to confirm program availability for your chosen dates, and schedule an interview if needed.
  • Once your interview is complete, you will be notified to submit your Reservation Fee to reserve your program and schedule. Your final Program Fee is due at least 4 weeks prior to in-country arrival in order to reserve your placement.

Important Note

This is a pilot program. As part of our program development process, we ask our first groups of participating volunteers to provide additional feedback to assist us in ensuring the most rewarding experience possible in cooperation with El Nomad Study Abroad for their associated programs.

Registration must be completed at least one month prior to your program start date, so...let's get started!


Physical accommodationsAccommodations for deaf, hard of hearingAccommodations for blind, low vision
  • 18 and older
  • Good health
Country: Ecuador

Duration: 4 weeks or longer
Fee: From $3,986
Sign up now to volunteer for this project! - Volunteer Global

Your Program Fee Covers:

  • Registration and pre-departure interview
  • Volunteer handbook (when available)
  • 24/7 U.S.-based staff support
  • In-country housing and certain amenities
  • Training and guidance from host group
  • Host program needs, such as tools or supplies for your project
  • Post-trip thank-you packet
  • Monthly newsletters

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, it does not cover your flight, passport/visa, vaccinations, transportation while in country, exit fees, meals, or personal expenses. Click here for full details about your program costs!