Construction of the Vocational Training Center

One of the UYSTO training center in tailoring
Construction of the Vocational Training Center

Lack of Vocational training services and volunteer support has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic and social impacts. Young people have struggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through vocational training and volunteer support that can equip them with constructive knowledge, reliable skills, material and moral support.

Approximately 60% of the youth in Uganda lack direction which has contributed greatly in affecting the development and economic out-put of the country. In Uganda, the youth contribute 50% to the economy of the country and therefore Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization is here to make sure that youth are equipped with skills and volunteer support under well training and friendly environment, and this has caused the setting of Youth International Work Camps and normal volunteer support to help in creating vocational skills training centers, advocating for sustainable skills, offering of materials and moral support as well to the youths.

This is done by working hand in hand with our partner volunteer organizations locally and internationally, individual volunteers, our partner schools and organizations and local communities. The involvement of volunteers into the development of youths in Uganda through sustainable skills can be looked at as the only way of challenging all the youths’ challenges in Uganda.

UYSTO works directly with schools to offer the hands on skills to the young people and because of this partnership, together with our partner organizations and volunteers we give face lifts to the schools where we run our programs. We always paint, prepare food towers where we plant vegetables to access the young people with vitamins and mitigation of hunger .

 International volunteer participants are expected to arrive in Uganda 1 day before the start of the work camp to allow for prior preparations.


Bwagonga 1 community is in kanoni sub county in kiruhura district. In early 1990s , Bwagonga had atraining center founded by father Dionga from USA,who believed to have participated iin the seconde wolrd war and then later assigned the duty in reaching out to the people of developing countries with evangelism where Uganda was one of the country.This was acholilc priest who worked in most of the catholic parishes in mbarara.

It through this trainning center which immediately after its establishment, was put into the hands of  one of the catholic son, who managed training center  but after a period of 4years, this training center collapsed in the hands of this young man, but those youth who trained from this "Kakima" technical traiing institute, are the really good and happily living in this community.

So, following this, UYSTO decided of establishing the same to help the youth and young people in the community. when we went there with our freinds from Brazil, in the late 2011 ,these people and elders expressed their wish of having the same to help their young people to attain the skills that will help their children to address the youth challenges like unemployment, idlessness, dependancy and poverty.

The people in the area are the cattle keepers and the sustistance farmers, most of their land has been affected by the prolonged drought due to cuttig down the native trees and shrubs and yet, the area it self is a semi arid. So these attempts in making animal paddocks, the prolonged drought, invaded the communities which exposes them to harsh climatic condiions.

It's from the above situation and some stories that were able to gether from this community , that UYSTO with her partner organizations like volunteer Global, local authorities have decided to set up a community technical training center that will be able to partly address some of the education and youth challenges of this community.Once this is set, it will be able to address the needs of more than 1000 youth since it will be the only technical training center in kiruhura district. Kiruhura district is anewly established district which has been cut from Mbarara district.


1. This will be an ongoing program since it is a new site and it will commence on 01st Dec, 2013  

2. There will be a Christmas break from 18th December, 2013 - 3rd January, 2014 and then resume program activities.

3. The working time is 8 hours a day, with a break from 10:30am -11am and lunch from 1pm- 2pm. The work day ends at 4pm.

4. Working days are from Monday - Friday, but on Fridays we shall be leaving site at Noon with the remaining time allowed for volunteers to move around the communities and visit friends, dicovering the local nature of the communities or meeting at the UYSTO local internet cafe to communicate back home.

5. The work at site will include:

  • Setting of the building
  • Digging of the foundation with the help of local youth
  • Erection of the walls, plastering, leveling, etc.
  • Planting grass and trees
  • Carpentry work conduiting for wiring
  • Mixing of the mortar, helping to take mortar manson

The work is fairly simple work and available to be performed by both men and women.

6. Saturdays will be days for visiting the nearest towns for shopping and other activities, and will depend on the weather and other conditions.


All of our accommodations are within a short walking distance and our Volunteers have the option to stay with a homestay/host famiies. Housing can be arranged on a case by case basis to ensure the comfort of each volunteer, and private options are available upon volunteer request for a minimal extra fee.

  • Access to clean, potable water at accommodations and the project site.
  • Hot water will be available at accommodations, and there are several options in trading centers for volunteers to do their laundry.
  • Internet is available and free at the project site. However, Internet service in Uganda is very slow - especially upcountry where we shall be running this program. Those with laptops can travel with them such that we can look for the ways of securing modems.
  • We encourage any volunteers willing to bring sleeping bags or tents to do so when possible as we can travel with them and there is the possiblity of camping at the site.
  • All volunteers are advised to bring their sleeping bags, mosquitoe nets and enough pocket money.

Cost Breakdown

This program may have a Reservation Fee, which is included in the total cost and is due once you commit to the program, with the remaining Program Fee balance due 30 days before your arrival date.

2 months:     $103

The fee above includes food, transport for airport pick up and back to the airport, food while at the construction site, construction materials, standard volunteer accommodation and internal transport while running UYSTO workcamp programs.

All volunteers should make sure that have other additional funds for emegency in case of any acute health problems and they should be with enough money since those will be days of Christmas celebrations.

If the volunteer is to available to extend and stay on the construction site, they will need an additional US $575 for every two months in addition to their original stay.

Click here for full details about your program costs and how your Program Fee is used.

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Note: All listed prices are in US Dollars.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is a three-step process:

  • Fill out an Inquiry Form. Please note: submissions must be made at least 4 weeks prior to your prospective start date.
  • A member of the Volunteer Global team will get in touch with you to confirm program availability for your chosen dates, and schedule an interview if needed.
  • Once your interview is complete, you will be notified to submit your Reservation Fee to reserve your program and schedule. Your final Program Fee is due at least 4 weeks prior to in-country arrival in order to reserve your placement.

Important Note

This is a pilot program. As part of our program development process, we ask our first groups of participating volunteers to provide additional feedback to assist us in ensuring the most rewarding experience possible in cooperation with Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization for their associated programs.

Registration must be completed at least one month prior to your program start date, so...let's get started!


  • 18 and older
  • Good health
    • Fluency in English is required
    • 4-6 positions are exclusively open to masons, bricklayers, and/or civil engineers
Country: Uganda

Type of Work: Administration, Construction

Duration: 8 weeks or longer
Fee: From $103
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Your Program Fee Covers:

  • Registration and pre-departure interview
  • Volunteer handbook (when available)
  • 24/7 U.S.-based staff support
  • In-country housing and certain amenities
  • Training and guidance from host group
  • Host program needs, such as tools or supplies for your project
  • Post-trip thank-you packet
  • Monthly newsletters

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, it does not cover your flight, passport/visa, vaccinations, transportation while in country, exit fees, meals, or personal expenses. Click here for full details about your program costs!