What Can You Do?

From Agriculture to Zoo assistance, our community-based volunteer programs are ready for volunteers to make a difference while they explore a new country and culture. Click on one of our project types below to learn more!

Volunteer Global - Administration Administration

Collaborate on projects with the San José Museum of Contemporary Art And Design, fill in as interim director for the P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary in Belize, and more with our projects in administration.

Volunteer Global - Agriculture Agriculture

Volunteer with a local farm in Paquera, Costa Rica, assist with organic farming in Ecuador, and more with our agriculture projects.

Volunteer Global - Animals & Wildlife Animals & Wildlife

From domestic cat care to volunteering at the Nicaragua National Zoo, we have amazing projects for you - volunteer at a Belizean cat sanctuary, provide veterinary assistance to baby animals, and more with our animals & wildlife projects.

Volunteer Global - Business Development Business Development

Apply your business and marketing skills to assist in the growth and development of a local industry,start-up venture, or cooperative.

Volunteer Global - Children & Youth Children & Youth

Volunteer to teach or tutor in English, lifeskills education, basic computer skills, and more. Or assist with remedial teaching programs and advocate on behalf of child and youth victims of fundamental rights violations with our children and youth projects.

Volunteer Global - Community Development Community Development

Advocate for human rights, assist with education and learning programs for youth, and other community building projects.

Volunteer Global - Conservation Conservation

Volunteer to promote environmental awareness and educaiton efforts, participate in reforestation efforts, breeding and repopulation programs for endangered species, and more with our conservation projects.

Volunteer Global - Construction Construction

Apply your building, design and renovation skills, assist with gardening and landscaping, and more with our building and construction projects.

Volunteer Global - Education Education

Volunteer with a local school or library and learning center to teach English, lifeskills education, basic computer skills, subject tutoring needs, and more with our education projects.

Volunteer Global - Environment Environment

Volunteer with a national park, biodiversity park or botanical garden, assist with reforestation, and more with our environment projects.

Volunteer Global - Healthcare Healthcare

Participate in one of our externship or residency opportunities. Our healthcare programs allow medical students to intern in rural clinics and hospitals in need, veterinarians and vet technicians to participate in spaying and neutering programs, and more.

Volunteer Global - HIV & AIDS HIV & AIDS

Volunteer in local communities and schools to raise awareness and promote education about HIV and AIDS. Help dispell harmful myths about the disease, discuss the benefits of practicing safe sex, combat social stigmas against HIV and AIDS victims, and more.

Volunteer Global - Information Technology Information Technology

Volunteer with One Laptop Per Child to help repair and deploy laptops in Nicaragua, assist with social networking and blogging in Belize, and more.

Volunteer Global - Language Immersion Language Immersion

Experience the benefits of immersion language learning while exploring a new country and culture with our partner programs.

Volunteer Global - Research Research

Volunteer to assist with community surveying to gauge our partner sanctuary's ongoing efforts in providing education about and support for the humane treatment of animals and other exciting programs.

Volunteer Global - Social Work Social Work

Advocate and educate on behalf of victims of fundamental rights violations, assist with lifeskills education for youth at risk, provide counseling and psychotherapy for disabled individuals with career support and counseling, and more with our social work projects.

Volunteer Global - Special Needs Special Needs

Education specialists, professional counselors, psychotherapists, and general volunteers are needed to assist with a special needs school, provide career support and counseling for disabled individuals, and more with our special needs projects.

Volunteer Global - Trail Building Trail Building

Assist with trail building and maintenance at a national park or botanical garden, improving walking paths and transportation for these developing programs and more with our trail building programs.

Volunteer Global - Women's Groups Women's Groups

Volunteer to assist with political and social issues furthering women's rights, providing counseling and support for victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence, and more with our women's groups projects.