Volunteer Global - Construction

Apply your building, design and renovation skills, assist with gardening and landscaping, and more with our building and construction projects.

More hands needed to complete this great project Accommodations for deaf, hard of hearingBuilding Sangklaburi - New Center for Burmese and Karen Children

Country: Thailand · Timeline: 1 week - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,032

Volunteer and help construct a child center in Sangklaburi, West Thailand on Thai-Burma Border. The center will provide accommodation to ensure local hill tribe and/or Burmese children receive an education. The facility allows children to... Read more!
Community service & travel Community Service & Travel

Country: Ghana · Timeline: 6 weeks or longer · Cost: From $1,526

This program runs for approximately 6 (six) weeks. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth week is dedicated to volunteering in rural communities in Ghana. The sixth week involves exploring the country (Ghana) and taking part in some... Read more!
Construction And Gardening Construction And Gardening

Country: Belize · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $247

Volunteer for construction and gardening projects in Caye Caulker, Belize! Construction There are five catteries at P.A.W., one of which is in great need of repairs. The structure is rusted and rotting after many of Belize's rainy seasons, and... Read more!
Our volunteer Jay Van interacting with the elders and community members about their challenges. Construction of the Vocational Training Center

Country: Uganda · Timeline: 8 weeks or longer · Cost: From $103

Lack of Vocational training services and volunteer support has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic and social impacts. Young people have struggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through vocational... Read more!
Teaching Internship at a Primary School

Country: Uganda · Timeline: 12 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $50

Volunteer for community primary school assistance in Fort Portal, Uganda Volunteer activities with this program range from: Visiting local schools to teaching English, math, science, computers, and vocational skills Assisting with the... Read more!
Volunteer Teaching English Volunteer Opportunities Abroad (Cusco Peru and La Antigua Guatemala)

Country: Guatemala, Peru · Timeline: 1 weeks or longer · Cost: From $770

Volunteer in Latin America Thousands of volunteers have trusted Maximo Nivel’s with their travel and volunteer aspirations. Our volunteer programs and gap year experiences take place in Cusco, Peru; and La Antigua, Guatemala, plus programs in... Read more!

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