REREFO is hereby looking Volunteers, friends and wellwishers with the heart for the Needy Children

the picture shows the children and the tyeaching staff at our new school

Reach the Needy Development Association (RENDA) started in year 2003 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), registered as a non-government organization in year 2007, registration number S.5914/7329. It is neither non-political, non-sectarian, non-denominational, nor profit making, targeting to uplifting the lives of the people at the grass root level (children, youths, people living with HIV/AIDS and widows}.

This clientele was a result of realizing increasing effects of marginalization and HIV/AIDS in the community, yet there was inadequacy in terms of service delivery.

The organizational headquarters are at Buwenge Town Council, Jinja District, Uganda - East Africa, just after Pride Micro-Finance from Kamuli.

It networks with other rural non government organizations (NGO), Faith based Organization (FBO) and community Based Organizations (CBO) of related objectives and activities in Uganda.

VISION: “A sustainably, healthily, developed and transformed society.”

MISSION: “Caring for and Serving the Needy”.

GOAL: Healthily, developed and happy community free from ignorance on matters concerning their daily life.
Mitigation of the impact of stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDS in the community.

1. HIV/AIDs intervention through prevention, care and support as the main intention of the organization.
2. Sensitization and creation of awareness.
3. Counseling and guidance.
4. Outreaches to schools, churches, markets vendors through music, dance and drum.


Ensuring good learning environment, Scholarship, Care and Support to Orphans and other vulnerable children in the community.


1. Provision of education facilities and scholastic material.
2. Lobby scholarship, sponsorship and half bursars for the orphans and other vulnerable children.


Promotion of advocacy services to the marginalized people “children and mothers are priority”.


1. Identifying problems and bridging the gapes.
2. Sensitization and creation of awareness.


Promotion of self-sustainability for HIV and AIDS infected and affected children’s families


1) Entrepreneurship skills for youth and women.
2) Food security and sovereignty
3) Food and Nutrition
4) Extension of loans to the infected and affected individuals and families to improve their livelihoods.

The organization motto: cooperation for sustainable development”.

Love, Faithfulness, Patience, Compassion, Commitment, Transparence, Accountability


The current membership of the organization is 350. These include:
People living with HIV and AIDS, adults and children, Youth and women, Infected and affected individuals and families, Pro- people and humanitarian groups.

It has two Pre- primary and Primary schools with three hundred ten (310) children. The first established Pre- primary and Primary school has two hundred eighty (280) children of whom fifty two are orphans and vulnerable children located at Buwamwa village (rural), Nakiswiga parish, and Nawampiti sub county-Luuka district. It has ten teaching staff (10) and two (2) supportive staff. Second Pre- primary and Primary school has thirty (30) children of whom ten are orphans and vulnerable children located at Busiiya village, Kitanaba Parish, Buwenge rural Kagoma County Jinja district. It has two teaching staff (2) and one (1) supportive staff. Both schools benefits children from walkable distance and from the orphanage. It is at a rented land on contract of five years but with the premise constructed by the organization.

The organization has an orphanage center with fifteen children ranging between 3-18 years of age.

Reach and Rescue Foundation (REREFO) has a team of trained staff and members in the following areas: HIV and AIDs Counseling and Guidance, Home Based Care, Youth Life skills, Couple HIV Counseling and Testing, Advocacy, Family Life Education, Child Counseling, Record Keeping and Finance Management, Modern agriculture and it is a trainer of trainers in the mentioned skills.


 Inadequate resources to enable smooth running of the organizational objectives and activities: Technical, skills, materials and financial support.
 Lack of a secondary and Technical school to ensure the continuity of the education and skilling for the orphans and other vulnerable children from its primary school and the surrounding.

N.B: Therefore, RENDA is looking for volunteers, friends and well-wishers with technical skills in pre-primary and primary educational, healthy and economical empowerment.

Compiled by Management