The aim of the 2012 expedition is collaboration:

Driving transformation through annual expeditions

The team will be looking for individuals, businesses and organisations to team up with in order to not only make our series of ongoing expeditions a success, but a beneficial, long term project! They need the support of local accommodation establishments to make these expeditions a success.

People interested in the project can go to to find out if the team will be passing through their town in 2012.

The EXPEDITION Project is a privately funded organization and relies on the support of communities to reach its full potential. If you would like to support the team with accommodation, food, petrol, products or any services, The EXPEDITION Project welcomes your sponsorship, donations and partnership.

Contact details



Phone: +27 (0)76 2012 365

Skype: theexpeditionproject



SMS Campaign: SMS ‘ShowMe’, your name and the name of your town to 36764 – this will sponsor R5 towards our petrol and help drive us around South Africa

One of South Africa’s most ambitious and certainly most pertinent social/environmental campaigns is now fully underway.