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Volunteer Global's direct volunteer placement program was launched in July 2012. The organizations outlined below are part of this pilot program, with official partnerships to be developed with each in late 2012. We chose these groups because we believe their programs are sustainable, they benefit their host communities, and they are supplementing, not supplanting, local work.

As part of the partnership development process, we ask our first groups of volunteers to provide feedback and ideas for how we can provide the most rewarding experience in cooperation with these amazing pilot partner organizations. Read on to learn more!

PandaTrek - China

Experience the rarely seen wilderness, the magnificent landscapes and local culture, and the amazing volunteering opportunity with the cute national treasure, pandas!

Click to learn more about PandaTrek!

Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation - Uganda

PCE Foundation is a national grassroots focused NGO empowering the rural communities especially the girls, women and children through dynamic and simple programmes that directly involves and benefit them - rural communities,  currently operating in Tororo and Buteleja districts of Eastern Uganda.

Our Vision is to have empowered communities that can take charge of their own developments.

Slogan is to break the circle of poverty.

...Click to learn more about Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation!

ReefCI - Belize

ReefCI do not like to call our guests ‘volunteers’!!! We recognize that without  our guests we cannot sustain what we do. When you come on a trip with ReefCI you will be well looked after. We operate throughout the year; therefore we are continually collecting data. So, as our guest you can choose how much you want to do.

Everyone contributes, just by paying for a ReefCI trip you are helping! Some people come to learn to dive, some people want to relax and put something back into the...Click to learn more about ReefCI!

Starfish Volunteers - India, Myanmar, Thailand

Your unforgettable experience awaits

You will develop new friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime. Immerse yourself in local Asian cultures; giving you the experience that the average tourist and backpackers do not get. Gain invaluable experiences and countless opportunities when you connect and learn from local people during your volunteer adventures. We provide a balance of meaningful work, with giving you the time to explore or relax at local sites.

In-country...Click to learn more about Starfish Volunteers!

Swarnabhoomi - Sri Lanka

SWARNABHOOMI, started in year 2000 as a Social Service Organisation registered under Voluntary Social Service Organizations Act No. 31 of 1980 of Sri Lanka.

In our corporate social responsibility programmes, which helps in the development of the Rural Poor families and supports in the Development of the beneficiaries, socially, Economically, Psychologically and Spiritually. 

SWARNABHOOMI strives to protect the rights of the rural poor and help provide equal...Click to learn more about Swarnabhoomi!

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization - Uganda

We are looking for simple, kind, polite, intercultural people who are approachable, reliable, tolerant, respectful, developmental, honest, constructive, productive, examplary, responsible and focused with the enthusiasm of working for the well-being of the people in my community.

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Vervet Monkey Foundation - South Africa

About the VMF - Rehabilitation Education Sanctuary

In 1989 the plight of the vervet monkey species in South Africa first came to light when an orphaned baby vervet monkey, only hours old was discovered. Enquiries to recognised authorities concerning the fate of such primates revealed that there were no facilities to provide for its care and welfare, instead they were told to kill the monkey because such animals were regarded as vermin.

As environmentalists and humanitarians,...Click to learn more about Vervet Monkey Foundation!

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya - Kenya

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK Jitolee Afrika) is a voluntary service organization. Our aim is to bring people from different cultures to work together towards a common goal. In turn it is hoped this will help break down cultural stereotypes and lead to greater international understanding and peace. We do this by volunteer programme which works on offering services to community projects across Kenya where both local and international volunteers are involved. Volunteer Action for...Click to learn more about Volunteer Action for Change Kenya!

Volunteer Foundation Nepal - Nepal

Volunteer Foundation Nepal(VFN) was founded in 2010 by Lalit Shahi. VFN is a service orientated, Non/ profit, Non/Govermental and Non/plitical organization. VFN is Registerd in the District Adiministerd Office (REG.NO.3295) and with the District development commitee. VFNis also affilited with the Social Welfare council (Aff.No. 32125) and with the child home Federation Nepal.

Program Title   - Orphanage in Nepal

Volunteer foundation Nepal is...Click to learn more about Volunteer Foundation Nepal!

Volunteering Design - Costa Rica

Volunteering Design was founded 14 years ago as part of the largest Travel Agency at the time in Costa Rica, to promote helping those in need, with a focus on children and youth, and to promote awareness and the necessity to care for our natural and ecological resources. In July 2011, Volunteering Design was transferred to a new Travel Agency whose additional goals to promote personalized volunteer support, designed services for all tastes and needs in order to offer the...Click to learn more about Volunteering Design!