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Volunteer Global's direct volunteer placement program was launched in July 2012. The organizations outlined below are part of this pilot program, with official partnerships to be developed with each in late 2012. We chose these groups because we believe their programs are sustainable, they benefit their host communities, and they are supplementing, not supplanting, local work.

As part of the partnership development process, we ask our first groups of volunteers to provide feedback and ideas for how we can provide the most rewarding experience in cooperation with these amazing pilot partner organizations. Read on to learn more!

Fundacion Ayudando a Vivir - Panama

Ayudando and Alcance support a network of 22 youth outreach centers in Panama Metro, Colon, San Miguelito, Panama Oeste, and the Darien that provide youth with computer training, English, tutoring, sports/culture, job and life skills training. Alcance is a program funded by the US Agency for International Development. Our partners that run the Youth Outreach Centers are dynamic community-based organizations. Our methodology is based on a model of violence prevention and youth development...Click to learn more about Fundacion Ayudando a Vivir!

GARD Center - Antigua & Barbuda


To develop skills of men and women between the ages of 16 – 35 years, to be able to establish and operate viable farms or other agricultural and rural based enterprises, at an universally acceptable standard of living. To encourage the formation and development of groups and other types of organizations amongst graduates of the GARD Center’s training programmes and to establish links with other existing local and regional organizations. To present agriculture to young people...Click to learn more about GARD Center!

Kitega Community Centre - Uganda

Kitega Community Centre in Uganda works to empower disabled and disadvantaged children, to advocate for disability rights, and to foster community-owned development. Our five-year plan (2013-2017) is to provide education and vocational skills to 100 disabled children and 100 orphans and to expand credit and entrepreneurial training to 600 families. You can support us by raising awareness about our work; please join us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook, share our YouTube videos or read and...Click to learn more about Kitega Community Centre!

LAST Volunteers - Costa Rica

LAST is dedicated to improving the conservation status of endangered sea turtles and their critical habitats in the Pacific and Carribean Coasts of Costa Rica through research, the creation, elaboration and distribution of a variety of informative material and the execution of training programs and courses for local communities. Volunteers will get the opportunity to work hands on with these amazing animals and work side by side with members of the community to ensure the protection and...Click to learn more about LAST Volunteers!

Love Volunteers - Albania, Cambodia, Cameroon, China

Love Volunteers provides a wide range of volunteering opportunities across 28 countries. We've placed thousands of volunteers, of all ages, around the world and have the experience to guide you through the volunteering process. We are committed to working closely with NGOs and understand the importance of placing volunteers where the needs are genuine.

Click to learn more about Love Volunteers!

Maximo Nivel - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru

Maximo Nivel offers programs in three of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries in the world--Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. In 2003, Maximo Nivel was founded in Cusco, Peru as a high-quality educational institute with an emphasis on teaching expertise. Since then, Maximo Nivel has grown into a leading social enterprise in the Americas offering education, language, and cultural programs. Our success is based on our commitment to quality and the highest level of client service possible...Click to learn more about Maximo Nivel!

Mera Parivar India - India

Mera Parivar strives to bring education to underprivileged children, to empower young girls and women, and facilitate sustainable livelihoods. We focus on education, skill building and income generation. After over five years of its ... continuously striving to enhance capacity and developed human resources of these neglected and forgotten population , Mera Parivar today has skill building for income generation centres for women, basic formal education for children ...

Click to learn more about Mera Parivar India!

OGVO Volunteer & Intern Placements in Ghana - Ghana

Since 2004, Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) has been providing safe, unique, meaningful and extremely affordable volunteer and intern programs across the length and breath of Ghana.

Whether you're taking a volunteer vacation, a gap year, or on a career break, OGVO has a wide variety of programs ranging from one week to six months to fit anyone's schedule.

Our organisation is involved mission works including volunteerism in all fields especially working in schools...Click to learn more about OGVO Volunteer & Intern Placements in Ghana!

Oyster Worldwide - United Kingdom

Oyster Worldwide are a personable and friendly company which has managed many existing projects since 2000. We take great pride in offering gap year and career break volunteering opportunities in 13 countries around the world. With Oyster you can make a genuine contribution to the lives of children, through medical work or teaching, or animals – from small and vulnerable turtles in Costa Rica, to friendly giants like the elephants of Thailand and South Africa.

We are committed to...Click to learn more about Oyster Worldwide!

P.A.W. Animal Sanctuary - Belize, Mexico

P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary and Humane Society was founded nearly a decade ago to control animal population through sterilization, as well as to conduct humane education throughout the island of Caye Caulker, Belize. P.A.W.'s sister program, Caulker Assisting Animals Through Sterilization (C.A.A.T.S.) was founded later to provide veterinary assistance, mostly to include spaying and neutering, for dogs and cats throughout Chetumal, Mexico.

P.A.W. is directed by Madi Collins,...Click to learn more about P.A.W. Animal Sanctuary!