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Volunteer Global's direct volunteer placement program was launched in July 2012. The organizations outlined below are part of this pilot program, with official partnerships to be developed with each in late 2012. We chose these groups because we believe their programs are sustainable, they benefit their host communities, and they are supplementing, not supplanting, local work.

As part of the partnership development process, we ask our first groups of volunteers to provide feedback and ideas for how we can provide the most rewarding experience in cooperation with these amazing pilot partner organizations. Read on to learn more!

A Broader View Volunteers Corp - Belize, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chile

We have seen firsthand the impact A Broader View volunteers make in the communities where they are serving. Volunteers have contributed their time and skills to fix classroom desks, paint walls which would have remained bleak and gray, cleared fields for harvesting and cook meals for hungry children, and read stories to kindergartners. Some ABV volunteers have decided to sponsor a child they bonded with in a program, and other volunteers have come home and championed their...Click to learn more about A Broader View Volunteers Corp!

African Nest Safaris & Volunteers Placements Projects - Kenya

We are an organization registered in Kenya Africa.We connect volunteers with organizations in all over Kenya and some parts of Tanzania. We also organize safaris to our volunteers ,Tourists and other travellers.

Click to learn more about African Nest Safaris & Volunteers Placements Projects!

AMAIDI - Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Côte D'Ivoire

My name is Camille van Neer, I am the founder of AMAIDI.

After a tenure at university (governance studies) and a short career as a teacher and a principal, having a connection with India since 1990, I have decided to settle down near Puducherry, South-India to start AMAIDI Volunteering in India to facilitate the coming and guidance of volunteers, interns and professionals who'd like to come for a shorter or longer period to stay, work and travel in India.

The main aim is to...Click to learn more about AMAIDI!

Biblioteca de Jacó - Costa Rica

The Jacó Library and Learning Center is a non-profit organization and the only public library on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The mission of Biblioteca y Centro de Aprendizaje de Jacó is to provide materials and services to help community members acquire knowledge and information meeting their educational, professional, creative and personal needs.

The communities in which volunteers work can be 80% Catholic, though there are no religious obligations of...Click to learn more about Biblioteca de Jacó!

Casa-Nica - Nicaragua

Casa-Nica was founded to provide volunteer assistance to local NGOs throughout Masaya and other parts of Nicaragua. In partnership with a number of community-based organizations, Casa-Nica’s staff, interns, and volunteers work alongside these groups to provide additional resources and manpower to augment their ongoing projects.

Casa-Nica is directed by Josh Allsup and Elliot Cooper, both of whom have extensive experience in travel, development, and volunteer support....Click to learn more about Casa-Nica!

Centro Internacional Idiomas - Honduras

C.I.I. offers volunteer programs based along the northen coast of Honduas. We look deeply into our country and every day we see many people in need of directed assistance, especially our children. Healthcare has a lack of help from the goverment and due to this poor people have to go to our public hospitals where they find substandard care and a lack of basic medical supplies.

Click to learn more about Centro Internacional Idiomas!

CORPluS Foundation - Bulgaria

CORPluS Foundation was registered in July 2012 as a legacy organization of Peace Corps Bulgaria. The US Peace Corps in Bulgaria terminates its programs in July 2013 and CORPluS will continue and expand the most successful projects which were initiated and implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers in the country. The founders of the organization are 6 current and former Peace Corps Bulgaria staff members who have...Click to learn more about CORPluS Foundation!

EcuaSwiss Foundation - Ecuador

Ecuador Swiss Exchange is an non-profit Organisation that is promoting the exchange between Ecuador and the World with Study Abroad Programs, with Tours, Activities to Travel around Ecuador and Projects with local Communities form the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes and the Coast of Ecuador to work with them and support them ! The Projects are ideal for Students, for Internships or for Conscious Travellers !

Click to learn more about EcuaSwiss Foundation!

EDGE of AFRICA - Cameroon, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe

EDGE of AFRICA is combining a visit to breath-taking countries in Africa with a life-changing volunteer experience.

Our vast variety of wildlife, environmental, sports, medical and community projects ensures exposure to the colourful heritage, cultures and traditions these countries have to offer, with the valuable benefit of making an actual, tangible difference in the lives we touch.

Our private organisation operates without any official funding. We rely...Click to learn more about EDGE of AFRICA!

El Nomad Study Abroad - Ecuador

Company Description: Founded in 2007, El Nomad is based in Cuenca, Ecuador, where our staff lives year-round. We are passionate about facilitating cultural understanding and competency through authentic immersion experiences. As an international team of well-traveled professionals, we value intercultural relationships and truly understand what it means to be a global citizen. As a company, we live out our passions by offering affordable, full-immersion experiences in...Click to learn more about El Nomad Study Abroad!