Meet Our Bloggers!

Marylin Ryder, United States of America

Hi everyone!
My name is Marylin Ryder and I’m a professional blogger and a freelance writer. My passion is travelling around the world and participating in various volunteering programs. Currently I’m engaged in educational project in Seoul and volunteer at, helping students in essay editing.
For more on me, my writing and what I like, follow @RyderMarylin

Sarah Vandenberg, United States of America

Sarah created Volunteer Global during a college internship with the Peace Corps, and since then has dedicated her time to researching best practices, trends, and news within the volunteer travel industry.

She graduated from the George Washington University in 2008, and worked in event and project planning, membership management, and volunteer support for the Peace Crops and the Committee For Education Funding in Washington, D.C.

In December 2012, Sarah left Volunter Global and is now Editor-in-Chief of Frayed Passport.

Stephanie Heiken, United States of America

Stephanie joined our team in spring 2011, with her first posts published in March of that year. Steph's articles often focus on international development, education, humanitarian aid, and other issues worldwide. She also publishes stories and advice from her travels worldwide.