Check Out These Highlighted Projects!

Maasai Girl child educational empowerment project
  1. Theme: Change the Life of Maasai Girls
  2. Dates:  From 7/june/2013 to 28/june/2013
  3. Please Note Date: Orientation: 8/june/2013 Starting the Project 9/june/2013
  4. Type: North/South solidarity work camp

Setlight Primary School is a public learning institution that offers education to children around Setlight village. This school is the only one in the... read more!

widows for child Life, A volunteer opportunity
  1. Location: Wogoma, Bondo Nyanza
  2. Theme: Educating and Empowering orphans/community
  3. Dates: From 22/Nov/2013 to 14/Dec/2013
  4. Please Note Dates: Orientation: 23/Nov/2013 Starting the Project 24/Nov/2013
  5. Type Project: Gap Year North/South solidarity... read more!
Dharamsala Community Development Project, India


Volunteers are needed to work on grassroots community development projects in Dharamsala, Northern India, home of the Tibetan Refugee community and his holiness the Dalai Lama. Volunteer projects include education, primary care, women's empowerment, health education and more.

Volunteers can work on one or more of a range of community service projects in Dharamsala, including:... read more!

Watamu Turtle Programme, Kenya


Volunteers are needed to take part in the Watamu turtle programme at the Watamu and Malindi marine parks, Kenya. The programme involves marine and turtle conservation work, consisting of a range of activities, including:

- Conservation and research - such as beach patrols, nest excavation, turtle net release and rehabilitation and data collection, surveys and analysis

-... read more!

Desert Elephants Project, Namibia


Volunteers are needed to work alongside a Namibian non-profit organisation in the Damaraland region of the Namib desert. This project aims to help find solutions to a growing problem of facilitating co-habitation between roaming desert-adapted elephants and local subsistence farmers.

As a volunteer you will work with local subsistence farmers to build protective walls around... read more!

VA32- Big Green eMachine! Wild Coast Schools Project (Fair Trade accredited)

Deliver Computer Literacy lessons in rural township schools on this Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) accredited project. Not only will you teach in schools but you will be given the opportunity to teach in the Big Green eMachine - our solar powered mobile computer lab - a highlight for many volunteers! The focus of this project is computer literacy but volunteers will also take part... read more!

Gap year wildlife volunteering Thailand wildlife sanctuary volunteering

The sanctuary provides home to over 400 neglected, abused or orphaned animals. This is a perfect place for animal lovers keen to make a difference to the lives of animals. There are many animals of all shapes and sizes, from bears to monkeys, from elephants to gibbons, from macaques to tigers.  Located in the dense forest near Thailand’s largest national park, you will interact with the... read more!