Directory of Volunteer Organizations


iSpiice is a humantarian organisation supported by volunteers across theworld to improve the lives of families especially women and children in Dharamsala's rural villages. 

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project

Volunteer in kenya with a local Non Governmental Orgarnization and affiliate member of the NGOs Council of Kenya. Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project is offering local and international volunteers the opportunity to participate in short or long term voluntary work development in Kenya.

KIDO Foundation

YWF-KIDO Foundation is a not-for profit Ngo founded in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies in 1995. We run, since 2002, KIDO Nesting & Hatching Sea Turtle Monitoring and Tagging project on the main nesting beaches of Carriacou. Two Critically Endangered species, Hawksbill and Leatherback, and on occasions the endangered Green turtle, nest at night between March and December, within the High North Nature Park coastal area of Carriacou. Trained local guides and overseas volunteers patrol the...

Kitega Community Centre

Kitega Community Centre in Uganda works to empower disabled and disadvantaged children, to advocate for disability rights, and to foster community-owned development. Our five-year plan (2013-2017) is to provide education and vocational skills to 100 disabled children and 100 orphans and to expand credit and entrepreneurial training to 600 families. You can support us by raising awareness about our work; please join us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook, share our YouTube videos...


Korogocho has a negative image stemming from the general robbery, pick-pocketing, prostitution, gum-sniffing and other criminal activites that made it stand out in comparison to the rest of Kenya. Korogocho developed this name and reputation that most shied away from to avoid its ills. But change is coming from within as a group of youths with vision and open minds realized they and their peers were predisposed to engage in such behaviours as a result of the rampant unemployment. So they...

La Esperanza Granada

Located in Granada, Nicaragua, La Esperanza Granada is a volunteer group focusing on children’s education. We started in 2002 in one small village on the outskirts of Granada, and now help more than 2000 children in the poorest areas.

LAST Volunteers

LAST is dedicated to improving the conservation status of endangered sea turtles and their critical habitats in the Pacific and Carribean Coasts of Costa Rica through research, the creation, elaboration and distribution of a variety of informative material and the execution of training programs and courses for local communities. Volunteers will get the opportunity to work hands on with these amazing animals and work side by side with members of the community to ensure the protection and...

Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers provides a wide range of volunteering opportunities across 28 countries. We've placed thousands of volunteers, of all ages, around the world and have the experience to guide you through the volunteering process. We are committed to working closely with NGOs and understand the importance of placing volunteers where the needs are genuine.

Malaika Ecotourism

Malaika Ecotourism is a Kenyan Ecotourism operator that organizes Sustainable Solidarity travel in Kenya. The concept is about travel & development for the local communities in Kenya. We give travellers great opportunities to adventure our country in a unique, eco-friendly and sustainable way, by meeting the local people and sharing with them.

Manna Project International

Manna Project International (MPI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that utilizes the passions and energy of young people to empower developing international communities through hands-on learning and service. Our model is a collaborative community-based approach to development.