Directory of Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South (VA32)

Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South (VA32) is a volunteer organisation based on the Wild Coast of South Africa. VA32 provides international volunteers with the opportunity to support our initiatives in education, community development and conservation which address current issues in the wider Chintsa area of the Wild Coast.

Volunteer Foundation Nepal

Volunteer Foundation Nepal(VFN) was founded in 2010 by Lalit Shahi. VFN is a service orientated, Non/ profit, Non/Govermental and Non/plitical organization. VFN is Registerd in the District Adiministerd Office (REG.NO.3295) and with the District development commitee. VFNis also affilited with the Social Welfare council (Aff.No. 32125) and with the child home Federation Nepal.

Program Title   - Orphanage in Nepal

Volunteer foundation...

Volunteer Global

Volunteer Global connects travelers with service groups worldwide through our direct volunteer programs, our Travel Buddy Directory, and our blog, which is updated daily with news, advice, and stories about volunteering abroad.

As we continuously expand our services at Volunteer Global, we enjoy and rely on the feedback and expertise of our Board of Advisors. Experts in their fields with a broad understanding of their sectors' relationship with international...

Volunteer Honduras

At Volunteer Honduras we believe there is much more to travel than sight-seeing and all-inclusive resorts -- and we know you do too. Our programs are well-rounded travel experiences that give participants the unique opportunity to connect with the local culture and the local people in a deep and meaningful way.

We know that most people have very little time but a whole lot to give. We have designed our programs to tap into that spirit of giving with the confidence that when combined,...

Volunteering Design

Volunteering Design was founded 14 years ago as part of the largest Travel Agency at the time in Costa Rica, to promote helping those in need, with a focus on children and youth, and to promote awareness and the necessity to care for our natural and ecological resources. In July 2011, Volunteering Design was transferred to a new Travel Agency whose additional goals to promote personalized volunteer support, designed services for all tastes and needs in order to offer the...

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions is a well known and trusted volunteer organization which is established in 2006 to provide Volunteer and Intern Opportunities in developing countries worldwide.  Our projects are Wildlife and Conservation, Teaching, Social Work, Cultural Development, Women Empowerment, Childcare and Orphanage, Medical Volunteer Project, Medical Internship, Dental Internship, Physiotheraphy Internship and Journalism Internship. We accept school and college groups and family members...

Volunteers For Peace

Volunteers For Peace (VFP) organizes, promotes and supports voluntary service opportunities in the USA and abroad as an effective means of intercultural education, service learning, and community development. VFP empowers host communities to work cooperatively for environmental sustainability, social justice, and peace. VFP provides opportunities for volunteers to develop leadership skills and global connections. We advocate for civic engagement and encourage volunteers to apply...

Volunteers Peru

Volunteers Peru is a small grassroots NGO based in the city of Arequipa in the Andes of southern Peru. We are currently working in partnership with two projects where volunteers can make a positive contribution to the local community. The first is a home for girls at risk in Arequipa; the second is a public school in the village of Tomepampa, Cotahuasi Canyon.

We are committed to helping the children that we work with to fulfil their personal and educational needs and to promoting...

WAVES for Development

WAVES stands for what we believe in W-ater, A-dventure, V-oluntourism, E-ducation, S-ustainability.  We are registered as legal nonprofits in Peru, Switzerland and the US.  All direct-service programming takes place in Northern Peru.

Working Abroad

WorkingAbroad Projects is a not-for-profit company, established in March 2002, in order to provide small scale organisations with need-based support from volunteers. The main areas of focus are: wildlife and habitat conservation, environmental education and management, teaching, social work, permaculture and organic agriculture and cultural development. We run projects in various countries around the world. Some examples of our current projects include: teaching in a rural school in Nepal,...